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  1. Beggars can't be choosers, but if you decide to ship the Sportstars, I'll happily pay you for your time and materials, plus a case of the beverage of your choice ;)
  2. Brilliant. Can you (or @AceAndrew) share a dimensional drawing?
  3. If you want a new head unit that looks old, Retrosound is the best option. Buy it from Crutchfield - they’ll hold your hand through the installation, and quickly replace anything that’s not right. https://www.crutchfield.com/g_370850/Custom-Car-Stereos.html?tp=49934#&nvpair=FFBrand|RetroSound
  4. Would some kind mod/admin please promote this to the Technical Articles section? The version over there has busted Photobucket pics. Thanks!
  5. Counterpoint: I've been eyeing eBay buckets like those too. They look period-appropriate to me. I've seen them with various centers (suede, cord, vented). You'll still have deal with your back seat if you want it to match. Everyone does Recaros. Be different! That said, if I owned a set of recoverable Recaros, I'd probably do that ;)
  6. Yes, for a collaborative project that would be the best option. No upfront costs, and no squabbling about "profits." There are several online vendors that make the process relatively easy.
  7. Subscribed. Post pics when when you get your '02 up in the air!
  8. I feel like I should clarify: I'm not looking for answers, I'm volunteering to help with a print project if there is interest among other FAQers.
  9. I don't want to brag, but I'd like to think my design skills would produce something a little more user-friendly than pressing ctrl-P on a web page, LOL. 😉 Besides which, there's a ton of content in the "construction zone," not to mention the general forum, that never graduates to Article status. Organizing this content into a book-like form would be really useful to me personally, but it would be a huge task, and not worth the effort unless there's a lot of interest.
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