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  1. I feel like I should clarify: I'm not looking for answers, I'm volunteering to help with a print project if there is interest among other FAQers.
  2. I don't want to brag, but I'd like to think my design skills would produce something a little more user-friendly than pressing ctrl-P on a web page, LOL. 😉 Besides which, there's a ton of content in the "construction zone," not to mention the general forum, that never graduates to Article status. Organizing this content into a book-like form would be really useful to me personally, but it would be a huge task, and not worth the effort unless there's a lot of interest.
  3. Beautiful car. I have a '70 Granada that looks just like yours (from 50 feet, in the dark, after a long night at the bar). I picked up a set of e30 steelies a few years ago, but haven't put tires on them yet. Which center caps did you use? I subscribed to your channel, and hope to see more '02 content. Great job! Josh PS> those BBS are too fussy for an early car – I'd stick with the steelies 😉
  4. @GC-CA what exactly needs to be fixed? I'm in a similar situation – bought a Behr unit from a FAQer, but the fan won't spin. I need to decide if I should try to fix it, try to find a replacement blower, or go in a different direction. Josh
  5. New users of this site must find it baffling to see all the broken intra-site link and "(nt)" posts by Guest Anonymous. 🤣🤣
  6. Yep, dead trees edition 😀
  7. I vaguely remember a thread, a while back, discussing an idea for a book that would combine the shared knowledge of this site into an organized reference guide. Did that ever go anywhere? Compared to most of the regular posters here, I'm a mechanical idiot. So I wouldn't be much help in fact-checking the content. But print page layout is my day job, and I'd be happy to lend my labor to a project like this. It would be a nice way to give back to this community. Eh? Josh
  8. Okay, okay, you guys win. I’m keeping the dang mirror! Thanks for the communal wisdom. Now let’s talk about deleting the side reflectors... 🤣🤣🤣
  9. For the record, I nearly always look over my shoulder when changing lanes. Force of habit 😉
  10. Interesting that most of you like the balance of the second mirror. I think I prefer the asymmetrical look! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Trying to decide if I should fix my passenger side mirror or delete it. My 1970 has factory mounting holes cut on the driver side, but the passenger side was obviously screwed in by the dealer or a PO. Maybe all cars are like this? Or only early cars? In any case, I'm just looking for opinions: fix the mirror and reattach (the base got a little borked upon disassembly), or leave it off and weld shut the holes (I'm in the middle of body work, so now's the time to do it). How much utility do you get from your passenger mirror? If you don't have one, do you wish you did? Given the copious greenhouse on our cars, visibility does not seem to be an issue, but I'll feel guilty about deleting something that improves safety. On the other hand, I like the simple look of a single mirror on early cars. Penny for your thoughts 😎 Josh
  12. I think I will take it. Just want to make sure I understand the extent of the damage. PM incoming. Thanks, Josh
  13. Interested in the bumper bar. Can you send more pics? Thanks!
  14. Thanks, @Jbaumshelter, that's very helpful. Funny how the seller says this on the first page of this thread: It sounds like some of you have managed to get a working system up and running from these folks. But the lack of transparency about their product is a no-no to me. Especially considering the costs involved. I'll look elsewhere.

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