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  1. Tire Rack does carry some (not many) 13" tires, but it's not obvious how to find them on their site: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/TireSearchResults.jsp?width=185%2F&ratio=70&diameter=13&startIndex=0&search=true&pagelen=20&pagenum=1&pagemark=1&RunFlat=All For size options, I like the comparator tool here: https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  2. Interested in the rear bumper if it's decent condition. Can you post/send pics?
  3. Pretty sure that bracket is from Jake at Classic Daily, but don’t see it on his site now.
  4. It sure is a lot easier to search on eBay for "e10" than "BMW 2002." Obviously BMW didn't anticipate search engines when they named this thing. 😝
  5. Yeah, lazy copy-paste specs. Those are standard fixed buckets, not reclinable.
  6. These are even cheaper! https://ebay.us/iN2eoy They must making them from apple cores and Chinese newspapers. The same seller has singles for $125. I think I'll order one just out of curiosity.
  7. Dimensions aren’t that far off from what GTS Classics and BF Torino spec for that style, if I’m reading things right.
  8. Anybody ever see/use these cheap "retro" bucket seats on eBay? Squint your eyes and they look legit (at least to a pleb like me). https://ebay.us/d1sglG Did I mention they're CHEAP?
  9. eBay transmission. I don’t know the history other than the video the seller posted of the trans on his test bench. Redline MTL in the gearbox.
  10. I did the standard 5-speed swap with a Getrag 245. All new parts: clutch/pressure plate, throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, etc. The car shifts well, and the clutch engages and disengages as it should. But it makes a nasty noise when I release the pedal. It's fine with the pedal all the way down, and with the pedal all the way up. The noise only occurs during the upward travel of the pedal. The sound is kind of like a grind, kind of like a rubber squeak/creak. Here's a video from under the gearbox. The repeating "sssschhhet" sound is me lifting the clutch pedal. https://youtu.be/NBAXZkGX1NY What's the diagnosis, FAQers? A gold medal for anyone who can tell me how to fix it without taking the whole flipping trans out again, LOL.
  11. Ooo, I’m in for the shoddy header, if Freude isn’t taking it. (PM incoming)
  12. So you are definitively stating this is NOT the same inside unit that Old Air offers, and that it is smaller than than the Hurricane box? Just looking for clarification, thanks. Garnet, yes, most of these A/C retrofit kits for classic cars replace the whole HVAC system (except maybe the ducting). So for our cars, we'll need to close the big hole left by the heater box with a panel of some sort.
  13. From the photos on your site, it looks like you're using the Hurricane inside/evaporator box. I believe others on the FAQ have tried and failed to get that system to fit. Have you modified the box to fit under the stock dash/console? In what other ways does your system differ from the Hurricane setup from Old Air Products? Thanks, Josh

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