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  1. Nice build - where are you located?
  2. I have a pair in great shape if you still need them. I took them off the car when I converted to disks. They still had stickers on them from BMW when i took them off the car from the prior owner replacement.
  3. tdk930

    2002 Build

    Going with Megasquit. Built the following intake: Intake manifold: This comes from a 1984-1985 318i. BMW part number: 11611709585 Fuel Rail: Comes from the same. BMW Part number: 13531707731 Also plan to use LS2 coils and found a handy bracket on ebay:
  4. I have an Etsy covered one and it ROCKS!!!!
  5. tdk930

    2002 Build

    Looking for street build with light track use. Want responsive build and going for ~ 325 HP using Turbonetics Super 60 BB turbo. Want motor built to handle more if a larger turbo and injectors are added in the future. The suspension was the first thing upgraded on the car. It has been reworked with: IE Coilovers with 300lb springs front and 250lb sprigs rear IE Adjustable camber plates IE Swaybars. IE Front and Rear Urethane Bushings Bilstein HD Shocks in the front Koni Sport shocks in the rear New Subframe mounts Front control arms seam welded. Tii boxed arms used in the rear with new bearings New steering track rod and tie rod assembly New Wheel bearings in front and rear New meryle Lower Ball joints The Brakes were also upgraded: Front brakes upgraded to Volvo Calipers and new rotors & Textar pads Rears upgraded to disk brakes using VW Aardvark kit. New BMW E12 Master cylinder upgraded BMW Tii booster used. Stainless steel brake lines ·
  6. I believe in wasted spark - you only need the crank trigger; is that correct?
  7. I am building for a turbo and they may be a bit large but at my target of 325 HP, I should be close. I am hoping I can get it to run without the turbo during the build but time will tell. Injectors Rating Required for Specified Horsepower for Turbocharged Engines in lbs/hr and (cc/min) 300 HP = 48 (508) 350 HP = 56 (587) I
  8. I wish. I wanted to be able to regulate the pressure since my injectors are a bit big, I will run with a bit less pressure and use an adjustable one. Then - I have the option to use a bigger turbo without changing the injectors. At least that is the plan. I bought it from this place in the UK, it fit great: JP4mance Tuning Parts Ltd Tel: (01634) 869 050 Email: sales@jp4mance.com Web: www.jp4mance.co.uk
  9. Sorry - It sold last night. I would buy a set and sell the other online. I am sure it will sell.
  10. Sorry - It sold last night. I would buy a set and sell the other online. I am sure it will sell.
  11. Thanks- anyone have a wiring diagram worked up for LS2 with wasted spark?
  12. RC Injectors - 55lb. might be a tad big but plan to need them with the turbo.
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