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So, getting my tii up and running for summer, it seemed like it was running way rich and flooding out. I kept having to take out the plugs and clean them, then it would run ok for awhile, then bog out, etc.....

So while i'm looking at this, I start looking at the linkage, and I see the 85mm link is bouncing around. I replaced this piece over the winter, and somehow it had gotten loose and you could see the tightening nuts bouncing around. I checked it on my 85mm gauge (purchased from William on this board, thanks!) and it was pretty close, just loose. Tightened it up and car seems to be running fine now.... except the warmed up idle is just a tad high.

My question is -- should I go through the synch procedure again, and reset the idle screw and enrichment screw in the tuna can? when I last did this, the link was definitely at 85mm.



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Unless something else was changed on your linkage since you last synchronized it, I'd say you should be OK.  DId you check the other short pieces to see if the ends were still tight?


Jim Gerock


Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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I like to use a little yellow paint pen and mark the nut & ends as I set & lock length.  Tells me it's done, and also makes it easy to see if something loosens up, as the yellow dot will be split.



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