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  1. Be sure the strut cartridges are labeled "West Germany".
  2. Double strain all your fuel thru cheesecloth (with a magnet) BEFORE you put it in the tank. I keep the clean stuff in mason jars, and run a quart of rubbing alcohol thru the tank & pump before I fire her up. NO ETHANOL! Kills the screens and eventually the pump & motor.
  3. Unplug your CO2 sensor. Unless it's telling a computer what to do (as in later model cars) it's just clouding the issue. Signal to noise ratio is critical for tii tuning, and the CO2 sensor is noise. You are pointing your car toward Munich while adjusting tuning, correct?
  4. If what you decide to do doesn't work, do something else. Regardless, most important element is: the threads on the stud and in the head have to be hospital room clean & sahara desert dry. GL!
  5. Warning! Do NOT drive your 2002 in the rain. Problem solved.
  6. Just up the street from Terry Sayther's place. No title though. Never a good sign.
  7. Might have to send them a couple of frying pans with the parts . . . . .
  8. easy to convert base 02 block for tii unless you're looking for a particular vin
  9. It was a lot easier before the internet came along! You need the BMW tii setup manual and some special tools for the injection system. And be sure the car is facing Munich when you tune it.
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