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74tii Throttle is Racing


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Car: '74tii

So I've been dealing with some low RPM stalling and detecting some times when it doesn't sound like the car is firing on all cylinders. But I'm currently away from my garage/tools and have kind of let things go because ultimately the car has gotten me where I needed to be.

...until it didn't.

Tonight the car just started racing uncontrollably, idle is extremely high and motor wouldn't always shut off even when the keys were pulled. Also noticed some dieseling just before this. Now when I turn it on, the motor races right off the bat without any throttle.

I checked the throttle linkage and it seems to move freely.

I suspect the issue is timing, but would like any additional ideas you may have.


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I dunno ;-)

Open the tuna can (top of the throttle body) and see if a spring popped off.

Check for vacuum leaks.



Stop reading this! Don't you have anything better to do?? :P
Two running things. Two broken things.


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Make sure to check the air hose from the warm up regulator on the inj pump to the bottom of the plenum they get old and cracked (raw air leak) the warm up regulator might be stuck open also.

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