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  1. Metric Mechanic rebuilt my 240 about 8 years ago - they might be a resource for parts or a kit good luck Jeff
  2. Hi I am looking for a carpet ring - the plastic ring that goes over the seat adjuster part number 52 10 1 807 190 thanks Jeff
  3. Many thanks for all the responses - so the crux of the discussion centers around two areas - type of adhesive and whether or not to glue down the "face " of the trunk board. I'm not sure why the factory chose to not glue the face but it seems to have held up fine in my boards geez a simple fix becomes complicated - ha Jeff
  4. Did you use water based contact cement? thanks for your help with a seemingly simple project! Jeff
  5. wow! Mvliotta - your trunk looks great! I have used contact cement many times with Formica - not sure I have the courage to do it with vinyl. Did you work it from the center out with cardboard between and slowly pulled the cardboard out? Other posts suggest 3m spray adhesive 77 - Jeff
  6. Hobby Lobby - seems like a very close match and it was very inexpensive - it was on sale for 40% off. Hobby Lobby SKU for the vinyl is 1347772 Jeff
  7. I'm getting ready to apply new vinyl to my original trunk boards. It appears that the original vinyl was only glued where it wraps the edges and not on the larger flat surface. It was then secured with 1/8" staples. Are others applying the vinyl in the same fashion as to what I observed or are you gluing the whole piece down with spray adhesive? The vinyl I purchased has a light backing - original does not. Thanks for any suggestions, seems like a good project during hibernation! Jeff
  8. any idea what the CFM's of the blower or the btu's of the original system are? so hard to compare systems - new vs old thanks Jeff
  9. I personally don't feel a need on my 74tii for an oil pressure or oil temp gauge but ..... I find an AFR gauge indispensable to set up the FI, I guess an argument could be made that once you dial it in, you can forget it but I find knowing what the KF pump is doing is comforting
  10. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=just dashes&epa=SEARCH_BOX I apologize if you are not on Facebook Jeff
  11. https://www.rainx.com/product/glass-water-repellents-cleaners/rainx-anti-fog/#.XbYfWuhKjIU back in the 70's, my 356 used to fog badly on the inside - this did the trick Jeff
  12. Just curious how the summer went with your AC? Was the cooling capacity adequate? Are your windows tinted? thanks Jeff
  13. you will want payment in full before the car leaves your garage! Looks like a great car and based on the pics and write up, the hope to be new owner got a great deal
  14. Most 76 o2's with AC will have a heater and a separate AC unit housed in the console. Assuming you are asking about a console AC unit, did you check your fuses or for a separate fuse for the Ac unit? Make sure you have power to the switch. Try the simple things first good luck
  15. my first o2 was a 68 Sahara. Great fun, great car. I bought it from a priest in Portland Maine in 1973. It had 47k on the clock - Jeff
  16. I live 20 minutes from their location - always great fun to buzz down for parts and conversation. The surviving two owners are stand-up guys who love and know our cars. They also have a terrific story to tell about how they started and how they ended up where they are. I was spoiled early. my e28 was on the cover of their catalog in 86 and they continued to supply what I needed for my tii. So many wonderful memories of their repair shop back when life was simpler. The coupe mentioned above was owned by their mechanic - Rocky. now I will be reduced to the internet - no conversation, no laughs. no stories ..... just parts
  17. I am certainly no expert: I installed a Metric Mechanics ported head with a 290 cam in my 74 tii. I had some difficulty getting the mixture right until I installed a A/F gauge. It has been close to 7 years and the car continues to run very strong. All in all, I am happy with the results - especially above 3800 rpms. Jeff
  18. It took a little persuading but I was able to get mine to work. One side was harder than the other due to a leaning post. good luck! Jeff
  19. I have read through numerous posts without success. I have a 74 tii with a pertronix module. I replaced the original starter with the sr440x starter a few years ago and all is good except for a tough cold start. I was not able to find a location for the swrt wire (red/black) that runs from the starter to the coil when I installed it so I am not getting 12v to the coil when cranking. In an attempt to play detective this weekend, I reconnected the red wire to the trigger terminal but the car will only run for 2 seconds. If I remove the wire it behaves as it did before - 7 cranks then it starts. When I did connect the wire, it fired instantly then died. Ant thoughts would be appreciated Jeff
  20. Hi Hal I'm also interested - I'll send you a PM Jeff
  21. temps diving below 60 - oh my, the horrors 😊 on my tii - no switch. Perhaps you could replace what has failed and eliminate the switch??
  22. i'm in Chatham but my o2 is in NH - I have not seen the green one. There is plenty of automotive eye candy this time of year on the Cape. Planning on bringing my o2 down this weekend

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