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Distributor question, just scored a couple cheap so..


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one is 0231180018 JFUD 4 other is 0231115081 JFUR 4 (points are opposite each other on these two). Can either of these be used on a 73 02? My current one is a 0231180008 JFUD 4 (points oriented same as other JFUD 4) - all vacuum advance (or retard). I was going to swap out one to trouble shoot a random stumble, assuming they were all the same dizzys which they are not now that I have them in hand. Research from other posts suggest :

"Bosch JFUR 4 Distributor = 1600/1802/2002

Bosch JFR 4 = 2002 Tii

Bosch JFUD 4 = 2002 A "

My car is a manual and if the above is correct has an auto distributor in it so is the one I have installed incorrect for the car? I'm confused.

1972 Bavaria (sold)

1985 535i (sold)

1986 535i (sold)

1996 328is daily driver

1973 2002

1968 Porsche 912

1973 Triumph TR6

2 - 2012 Hotwheels BMW 2002s (Inka and Chamonix) 0 miles! (both are #21 of 247!!)

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If your goal in concors, then yes the '74A dizzy is incorrect. Obviously it works. You have been attempting to diagnose a stumble since the summer. The dizzy if in good condition may not have the optimal advance curve for your application as it was designed. There is a chart of the advance curves for a few of the more common distributors equipped on our cars hidden in some thread on the forum. It was in a thread with a similar questioned phrased "which is the best distributor ?" Or some such question. If when attempting to time your ignition the ball dances then swap in a different unit. Of course as you have seen there are "reversed" mounted points as well as different mount condensors. You may find an old school shop which has a Sun distributor diagnostic machine which can chart the advance curve in your unit.


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  • 7 years later...

Digging up old thread. So I'm looking at new distributor options. Looking from realoem it would seem that the distributor for my 1971 early 1600-2 would be part no. 12 11 1 271 729. Which also shared with 1802, and early E12 518 with m10. 

I found one here:


But looking at the picture and bosch number it would seem that it is JFUD 4 which would be for 2002 automatic instead of a stick 1600. My current one I'm trying to replace if JFUR 4. I wonder what side effects might this have? And why would BMW recommend such replacement for my original distributor?

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Bosch data shows this model as the original dizzy for your 1600-2:

0 231 115 072    JFUR 4    1600-2, 1600               1/69 -  4/71


Earlier 1600-2s used part #  0 231 115 048, which is also a JFUR 4 Type.

Also you mentioned, it was also fitted to 1800s.


The other JFUR 4 Type dizzys fitted to 02 series cars were:

0 231 115 045    JFUR 4    1500                             1/62    6/64
0 231 115 048    JFUR 4    1600                            3/64    12/65

0 231 115 045    JFUR 4    1800 ti, 1800 ti SA        2/64    11/65

0 231 115 045    JFUR 4    2002                             2/68    12/68
0 231 115 071    JFUR 4    2002                             1/69    4/71
0 231 115 081    JFUR 4    2002                              5/71    8/71

0 231 115 081    JFUR 4    2002 USA                   12/69    4/71

0 231 115 081    JFUR 4    2002 USA                     5/71    8/71


A rather limited early set of early model 02s used this JFUR 4 Type, as you can see. But this might give you an expanded set of part numbers to locate.


Blue Book shows the "071" and the "072" (your model) as being identical vacuum advance dizzys.

It also confirms this dizzy applicability to early 2002s regardless of their transmission type.


FYI, ALL Bosch dizzy part #s for the 02 series start with: 0 231.



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One last, hopefully helpful tidbit - if you were trying to get something new versus remanufactured or refurbished.


Bosch was still selling a new JFUR 4 Type dizzy as recently as a year of so ago.  It might still be available - but I'm not sure of its applicability.

Its shown as the replacement for the old  0 231 115 043, and it's Bosch part # is: 0 231 170 085.  But you'll notice "043" isn't among the 02 JFUR 4 Type dizzys I listed above. So I'm not personally sure what this recent replacement model fits...



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There are some who call me... Tom too         v i s i o n a u t i k s.com   

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2 hours ago, 114TYP said:

BTS sent me this pdf to reference against older Bosch codes which shows that the one they are selling and BMW is recommending should work just fine. I will post it here as a reference to others in future.


Bosch Zündverteiler Übersicht.pdf 1.88 MB · 10 downloads

That's very cool.  Thanks for sharing it.


You'll notice most of the original Bosch Dizzy's I cited are in that sheet - all on the far right, showing they've been superseded.  This is a full replacement history sheet - quite rare - in that It's rather complete up to current.  It's also condensed, leaving a lot of 02 dizzys out too though. The info I have from Bosch Classic is all microfiche scans in German, and only presents replacement history in single steps - to get a 4-step deep replacement trace would be a LOT of work (with missing data in between).


The 0 231 168 022 Dizzy is actually a JFUD 4 Type dizzy, listed as a replacement for the 0 231 180 004 JFUD 4 Type used for the last of the 1800s ( 9/71 thru 7/72 production).  I didn't include it because it wasn't a JFUR 4 Type.


I makes some sense now to me why they've spec'ed it - as it (and the similar 0 231 180 003 and 0 231 180 005)  were the first JFUD 4 Types used on 02s that previously only used JFUR 4s.



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Where we goin’? … I’ll drive…
There are some who call me... Tom too         v i s i o n a u t i k s.com   

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