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  1. What parts of the distributor should be checked after every 50 000 miles?
  2. Thanks that answers my question. ending with 140 it is, then
  3. Hey! About to buy new headlining, not sure which one is correct for my car. Can anyone tell me the difference between these part numbers: 51 44 1 804 085 (some sort of SSD? whatever that means?) 51 44 7 480 140 I have a non-sunroof car.
  4. Honestly I'm not entirely sure, but that is what I was told here:
  5. Whew! I was afraid this thready might be already deleted!
  6. I have this NOS brake master cylinder for sale. Should fit early 1600 and 1600 Cabrio with brake fluid reservoir on top of the brake master cylinder. BMW part # 34 31 4 450 050 Offers accepted also since I have no idea how much these things are worth.
  7. Here is the set I have and believe to be original:
  8. I have euro spec early 71. VIN 2675158 not starting with 1xxx
  9. The dash is post 71 refresh though. I have early 71, it has a 3 piece dash. This one here doesn't. Although I agree, the early VIN indicates pre 71 model. Probably somebody has already been there for some works before. Also make sure to check under the spare tire for rust holes. I'd say spare tire well is good indicator of the condition of the sheet metal overall. Or at least first place I'd look on these 02-s. Water tends to collect there and rust through. Also: * Rockers seem to have a rusted the metal through from the bottom. (kinda wavy on the photos) * Front and rear windshields are missing chrome locking strips * A small hole/spot in the drivers side door (bottom left) * What I see here is that someone has most likely abused this at some point of its life - the added front piece down metal for looks, the steering wheel, the carb etc. But you shouldn't be bothered with mechanical aspect of the car, this is still relatively cheap to fix and maintain. Bodywork is the big killer on these. If the body is really really solid, I'd say it's easily worth the asking price.

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