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  1. It's not a picture of my setup. I don't have the electric idle valve. Manual choke, no idle solenoid. Only has idle jet in that place.
  2. Back at it! Changed out to brand new distributor. Have got the hunting idle sorted. Set timing with timing light at at 1400rpm. Runs pretty good. I still have some sort of misfire though. It is very noticeable at around 2000rpm or driving with 35 in 3rd gear. At higher speed it's not all that noticeable because of the high rpm's I guess? Any idea where to look next? Ignition is basically brand new, new coil, new distributor, new points, dwell set correctly, as well as timing, new plug wires, plugs, etc etc. But the misfire is not gone. I don't really think this would be fuel related. Have reconditioned Solex 36-40PDSI on it. Valves adjusted. So, all new. Plugs look nice. Still not perfect. Any ideas?
  3. Bumping the thread. Also looking for as close as original as possible cloth. Would anyone also know how are the pleats made in the left image of @LarsAlpina posted picture in last page? Has anyone ordered some alternative for this material or found better match? @LarsAlpina would you also remember which one you ordered from Germany?
  4. BTS sent me this pdf to reference against older Bosch codes which shows that the one they are selling and BMW is recommending should work just fine. I will post it here as a reference to others in future. Bosch Zündverteiler Übersicht.pdf
  5. Digging up old thread. So I'm looking at new distributor options. Looking from realoem it would seem that the distributor for my 1971 early 1600-2 would be part no. 12 11 1 271 729. Which also shared with 1802, and early E12 518 with m10. I found one here: https://www.bts-autoteile.de/index.php/de/shop/1502-2002-turbo2013-04-23-12-02-57/motor-elektrik-zuendung2013-04-23-12-02-57/zündverteiler-2000,-2002-usa-1496-1497-detail But looking at the picture and bosch number it would seem that it is JFUD 4 which would be for 2002 automatic instead of a stick 1600. My current one I'm trying to replace if JFUR 4. I wonder what side effects might this have? And why would BMW recommend such replacement for my original distributor?
  6. Well, I guess the mystery got a bit more solved today. Finally decided to look inside distributor and the outcome was not great. That's what I found: So, a missing C clip from the weight, on bottom of the dizzy. Bent tabs that should hold the springs, springs totally screwed. So basically no weight mechanism at all. That might mess up my idle a little, huh... Guess it's from PO since I cannot imagine this thick metal getting bent like this without any nasty sounds.
  7. Thanks a bunch for the information!
  8. Hi! Having hard time finding the correct rotor for my distributor. Have bought 2 already which both don't fit. The dizzy has Bosch 0231115072 on it. Any help with the correct rotor and cap would be appreciated. Thanks, K.
  9. Oldenzaal had installed some cheapo lap belts in place of original seat belts in the car which I'm now replacing with period correct ones.
  10. Hi! I have just managed to source Klippan 3-point seatbelts for my car and it came with bunch of mounting hardware. However, I have no clue where all this goes. Does anybody in this board have any clue about what hardware goes where and in what order? Maybe some old documentation or installation instruction sheet or something? Thanks, K.
  11. Made a short video of my idling. Probably now is good time to check the ignition timing + adjust the carb mixture. Yes, the photo was old. All electrical components have been replaced recently.
  12. Found one of the missing pieces on top of the frame rail. I knew finding the original BMW fuse box cover would be hard and this one cleaned up very well. It must have been sitting there for a long long time, since the PO had already installed (and cracked) one of the aftermarket ones in the car.
  13. Hans, thanks for all the input. I went back today and adjusted all the linkages so that they would move and return to idle as they should. I have now pretty much solved all the issues I was having. I still have slight idle problems, but this seems electrical related, kind of like an occasional misfire. At least now the car runs and drives and doesn't die out of blue, also the revs come back nicely to the idle level.
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