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E12 5series injection system into an 02, possible ??


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A general question to the forum...

Has anyone tried to install the injection system from an E12 518i or 520i series into an '02 ?

I'm still a novice with regard to injection systems so humour me a bit.

The reason I ask is that over here in South Africa there are many old

5-series parts to be found. And I could pick up a fuel injection system for a decent price, it's a conversion I'm contemplate for the future to manage escalating fuel prices and possible performance benefits.

Any experiences or input would be much appreciated.



April '71 2002 LHD - hard won daily driver

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Did those have K-Jetronic, L-Jetronic or mechanical fuel injection?

If it's K, RUN FOR THE HILLS. That's why E21's are so problematic, we sent ours to the crusher because of that damn fuel injection system. I'm not sure which injection system the E12 used, they made those from '72-81.... did they use different systems throughout that range? (I don't think we had the 518i/520i over here, correct me if I'm wrong)

As previously mentioned on this site, however, anything is possible if you have the time and money.

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If it is L-Jet, there is a thread on the FAQ on how to do it. Another option is to swap in the injection from a mid 80's Volvo 240/740 (LH 2.2 on the B230F engine). I'm running that in mine and couldn't be more pleased.

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Yep- the E30 318i got the same system here, and it works just fine.

Unless you got the CIS setup on the 5, and THAT, I might suggest,

is a good donor manifold for Megasquirt, but not much else.


"I learn best through painful, expensive experience, so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth." MattL

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I second the opinions about K-Jetronic = CIS. It can be installed but not worth it.

Electronic L-Jetronic is a good conversion. I think it came to e28 so maybe you should look for e28 518i. I'm not sure but I think all e12 were still with K-Jet.


Racing is Life - everything before and after is just waiting!

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