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Original owners manual

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Hello all,

I received an owners manual when I acquired my 2002, but with its condition deteriorating every time it was touched, I thought it would be a good idea to keep my eyes open on eBay. After awhile I found the perfect replacement candidate and made a bid at the last minute for $9. Couldn't be happier.

Well heres the caveat: Mine is a 1974. The one that I had states: "Owner's Handbook 1600 2002 2002 Automatic" and is sort of a light brown/tan color. The new one that I purchased through eBay states: "Owner's Handbook 1600 2002 2002 Automatic 2002 Ti" and is of course orange. I was also watching a 3rd that was said to be for 74-76. It listed the 1802 as well as the Tii (instead of just Ti). It's a bit disappointing that the 74-76's are going for around $50 when I just want to get to know more about my car through the original documents.

So I am wondering: are the 74-76 books much more detailed about the newer dash and such? the ones that I purchased through eBay has Ti which I thought were only sold in Europe, so did I purchase a Eurpoean owner's handbook? Lastly, what is the deal with my original handbook that only lists 1600, 2002, and 2002 Automatic? It doesn't look to be faded to a tan color, so perhaps light can be shed on it as well?

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Orange handbooks do not fade to brown

a handbook containing ti spec car is not a USA edition

handbook - look on the back of the handbook,

it states the month/year published date with

market edition

tii handbooks contain the most information for all the models

listed on the front cover - you still need the correct model year

white page supplement with any of the orange or tan


the market value for an undamaged handbook,

any year, or edition, is usually $40 - $70

1968 pub date


1967 pub date


1975/6 pub date



these white page supplements for USA cars show emission control

components, USA tuning specs, vacuum hose routing 02HANDBOOKSUPLEMENTSfront.jpg


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A handbook with Ti may not have been a USA edition, but was supplied with USA cars in 1971 for sure, because I have one that came with the car when I received the car (new). It has the white supplement for USA.

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The printing date is inside the back cover or on the back cover. Don't expect the 74 book to show big bumpers though, it went to all countries. C. d. Shows the US supplement which helps.

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