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big problem today


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while driving up a long grade

for the first time ever i noticed my temp gage rising

and my speed slowing.

I turned on the heat in the car, but still no relief

I could not really pull over and was headed in the caldecott tunnel

when I declutched I heard a loud noise

when I could finally pull over I saw that the fan blade had

cut into the radiator- shredded it

I had the car towed home

later when it cooled i could easily start it ( very briefly )

to drive up into my garage

so i need at minimum:

new radiator

new fan.

but I notice that the engine seems very loose on its mounts

I can move it back and forth easily

so we get to my question:

is it the motor & transmission mounts that keep the engine fixed?

somehow the whole engine must have moved forward

to allow the fan blade to shred the radiator.

what about the urethane engine & trans. mount from Ireland?

will this solve it?

also: I never had a fan shroud- is this standard on 2002?

I am going to put it all together and see if there was any real engine damage

from over heating.


1. does anyone recommend the urethane mounts from IE or elsewhere?

2. do I need a fan shroud? dealer item?

3. any options on the red fan? the blades seem quite flexible!

4. should I change the water pump while I am in there?


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your to do shoping list of parts:


red "tropic" fan blade

water pump

all the front coolent hoses


alternator bushings (urethane)

motor mounts (rubber)

right motor mount limit stop bracket if missing

trans mount (rubber)

weld and reinforce broken steering/motor mount arm on subframe

1-gal. BMW Antifreeze

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heres some numbers that you need


red "tropic" fan blade 11520786120

water pump 11519056401

all the front coolent hoses I can send a list

v-belt 12311268675

alternator bushings (urethane)

motor mounts (rubber) 11811109352 and 11811104588

right motor mount limit stop bracket if missing 11811101273

trans mount (rubber) 23711245515

weld and reinforce broken steering/motor mount arm on subframe

1-gal. BMW Antifreeze 82 14 1 467 704

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Early cars have a completely different right side mount bracket--it's a bent over piece of heavy steel plate--that will fracture over time and allow the engine to shift. Later ones are welded up steel with the llimiting bracket as shown in CD's post. Use the later style if you have an early one.

Also, the plastic fans will fail with age--my 73's gradually started shrinking as pieces broke off the blade tips until it was easily 3" smaller in diameter than originally. Still worked OK, though, and didn't damage the radiator as the pieces came off.

You may be able to have your original radiator recored with a 3 row core radiator (like what the late, great Curt Ingraham used to offer). Check your local radiator shop; the part number used to be a RADAC 25 or 26.

Glad you didn't lunch your engine.



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