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  1. jplips

    1973 BMW 2002 For Sale

    Anyone interested into a well sorted Southern car, this is the one. I have seen this 02 in person and drove along with the owner on a few occasions. Great 02 from a serious 02 aficionado. GLWS
  2. jplips

    Neue Klasse steering wheel

    Met Hans this week and seen his shop in Holland. All top notch BMW steering wheels. Purchased my steering wheel from Hans - buy with confidence
  3. Merry Christmas...JP to you and your family. Hope things are well...can you send me your mailing address I have something to send you...Barney

    1. jplips


      Merry Christmas to you, Tory and the boys with family.


      Always good to hear form you Barney,


      Our new address is 12507 Winding Brook Ln, Houston, Texas, 77024





  4. jplips

    '74 2002 pre-purchase inspection?

    You can try Bemer Motor on Richmond. They can do pre-inspection and can tow broken vehicles. Ask me how I know. Ask for Ismael Martinez and explain what you want to do. As for repairs on 02’s in Houston, there are other alternatives. Bemer fixed a Getrag tranny for a neigbor of mine on a 74 02. Others might have different experience but they can and do know 02’s. Good luck JP
  5. jplips

    Holiday Hack Mechanic Book Sale!

    Well, thank you Santa Rob, Had great fun reading Memoirs, now it's time to order the rest of the collection. Perhaps Santa will bring an A/C for the Houston summer season. Can't wait for the 2020 version of the Getrag transmission bible in Audio book version with some anecdotes from Rob how he became MidAmerica'02Fests Iron Butt winner. JP
  6. jplips

    1970 BMW 2002 project car

    We left this beauty alone, so you could come back to Texas 02 group welcome back Nick
  7. Let me look into my storage unit if I have such an armrest - will respond next week Thanks JP
  8. jplips

    front grill removal

    Pictures?? Interested into seeing ceramic coating. Does any member knows the correct RAL code? Thanks JP
  9. jplips

    BMWCCA Tech Tip Manuals

    Interested Thanks JP
  10. jplips

    WTB Front Subframe

    Pato, Give me a call at 713-417-3468. I have a spare subframe in my attic.......agree with Jack in previous post to define least you save on shipping since Jack is in Best Coast. JP
  11. jplips

    76 02 Rolling Body-No engine

    Jesse, Good to know you keep the 02 in Houston and give it a go to restore. Will send you a PM to see how we can help you locally within the Houston 02 community. I am sure someone had a crankshaft or other required M10 parts laying around. JP
  12. Terry Tinney in California did an excellent job on a 121Ti head I send couple years ago. He line bored the head to accomodate a 300 degree BMW cam and customized valves. Strong built, reasonable price, highly recommended
  13. jplips

    Weber DGV to Stock Air Cleaner Adapter -- Base Flange

    Received my kit last week. Great product from fellow 02'er who uses creativity to solve a problem or 02 to fit your air cleaner under that hood. Thank you Tom
  14. Gorgeous design from the TinkerMaster Sign me up for one if you decide to sell in the near future. Heck, might even place one on my desk as a conversation piece and to look at. Gorgeous and functional.
  15. jplips

    Set of Flywheel Bolts for 215 Flywheel

    Hi Ray, Maybe this works as well for Blunt instead of sending ice cream with parts