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  1. Interested for header and extension Please sign me up
  2. FWIW met with Laurens in Holland couple years ago. Solid 02 seller and enthusiast. Would not hesitate to purchase a unique 02 from Laurens - very knowledgeable.
  3. Great, look forward to hear from you if wheels become available. Please contact me at [email protected] Thank you JP
  4. If you buy this GT and decide to part out. I will be interested to buy the wheels of this GT. Thanks JP
  5. Hi 02 Tradition, Interested in bumpers, gastank + filler, front door handles and rear window hinges. Gas cap look good too. Will send PM Thanks JP
  6. I feel that when a Glas GT or BMW GT shows up at "BMW" event, the reaction would be similar. These are great looking cars and we know Glas and BMW's intertwined heritage. What is the story on your GT's. Thank you for sharing these pictures, seeing so many together is an "unicum" JP
  7. I know this is a shot in darkness, still thought to share with our great 02 community. Three years ago purchased an early 1970 02 in South Texas. Young kid could not get it running and decided to sell locally thru Craigslist. He told me is was a Texas car and purchased from two guys who installed roll bar with intention to race. My plan is restore back to basics and rust repairs currently ongoing. During 1990's VIN 1670291 was driving in Waco, TX and owned by Mr Mark Evans as well as Mr Robert Hughes in China Spring, TX. M10 engine was replaced and how nice would it be if a fellow 02FAQ members knows if this engine is still around. Thank y'all, stay safe JP
  8. Stopped using Tapatalk two years ago. Did not found that App very usefull. Thank you Steve for all great support you give to our 02 community.
  9. Thank you Mike and Golf73 for your suggestions and recommendations. Learned that Mazda Miata wheels from 1990's are also a close fit with positive offset of ET45 vs BMW E30's ET35. Only downside is that inner wheels has round edge, so future fabrication needed to "punch out" ledges for hub caps. Please keep your thoughts and suggestions coming. Happy New year, best wishes and many safe miles in 2020 in your 02.
  10. Love these products from Al. For those who do not know Bluedevils, feel free to buy with confidence. Got some of Al's products - great quality
  11. Looking for a set of 14" BMW Steel wheels for 1600GT These wheels are 4 x 100, 4.1/2J, probably made by Lennertz Thank you JP Lips [email protected]
  12. BMW 1600GT in 1967-68 was equipped with 14" steel wheels similar like 2000 Neue Klasse. As can be expected over 5 decades wheels are replaced and become almost impossible to find. With support from BMW Classic CCA and Glasclub in Germany we are trying to locate "needle in a haystack" and hope one day we find a set of GT wheels for sale. In case you have a lead, please contact me. In the meantime, my GT has too wide E30 BBS wheels (6.1/2J x 14 - ET30) that rub inside fenders when I turn. Will post some pictures with alternative 14" BMW wheels that been fitted on other GT's and like your feedback which route to take to replace BBS wheels. Below pictures of original 14" GT wheel, original wheels that came with GT and were lost in Austin area, current BBS wheels that are too wide and alternative 14" E30 steel wheels:
  13. Very nice Andrew, Looks in superb state taking Veronica's age in account. Seems like a time capsule, congrats JP
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