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  1. Very nice Andrew, Looks in superb state taking Veronica's age in account. Seems like a time capsule, congrats JP
  2. Hi Russ, Am in Atlanta this weekend and have an empty suitcase . What do you estimate the weight is of this LSD? Thanks JP
  3. GLWS Very nice Tii and detailed restoration pictures are a joy to see
  4. These are very nice bumpers, do you also have the brackets to connect bumpers to frame? Will send you a PM JP
  5. Good afternoon, Interested in the mirror and early window crank. PM send shortly
  6. After reviewing the pictures on BAT, can only give thumbs up on the details of the restoration. I think the seller did a fantastic job with that Tii. Hope it sells well and finds a new 02 owner who joins the FAQ.
  7. How much for shipping to 77024 in Houston Thank you JP
  8. Thumbs up for Bluedevils. For years Bluedevils attends and supports our 02 community during the MidAmerica02Fest. I was the lucky one who won a custom set in the raffle. The quality and attention to details are superb Thank you Al
  9. Today instead of prepping our 2002's for MidAm, several members of the Houston 02 caravan volunteered at the BMWCCA Teen Survival event at HPD in Houston. We had a great turn out and 40 more safer teenage drivers on the roads. Next week we hope to be with the MidAm 02'ers in Arkansas. Volunteers Ken, Patrick, JP, Steven, Dennis and Dan
  10. Apparently this GT convertible stays with BMW as part of an apprentice project. The teenagers are working for BMW Group Classic and they restored this GT as their "class room" project. Did see the video on Linkedin and was impressive to see 12 teenagers delivering such a beautiful one-of-a-kind BMW
  11. For those who are interested into buying from Laurens, I can share with you that he is very knowledgeable about 02's. He has been in business for 30+ years and has sold 100's 02's around the world and was pleasure meeting him in Holland two years ago. I personally would buy from Laurens and have his company organize the shipping to Texas.
  12. eBay is your friend, compare these Mikuni PHH40 length and pitch with your other three idle mixture screws. Alfa1750 is an Italian provider who sells refurbish kits, I purchase parts from him for my PHH40's. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mikuni-40PHH-Carb-Pilot-Screw-N110-266-4pc-DATSUN-510-620-2000-20R-22RE-3TC/143044922863?epid=1773406577&hash=item214e244def:g:uMIAAOSwcyZbeIp0 Good luck with these PHH 40's, they are a joy to drive on our 02's after you tune them properly
  13. Anyone interested into a well sorted Southern car, this is the one. I have seen this 02 in person and drove along with the owner on a few occasions. Great 02 from a serious 02 aficionado. GLWS
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