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  1. Kidasters

    Plastic welder

    It looks fantastic to me. I can see me getting a lot of use out of this.
  2. Kidasters

    Plastic welder

    That's pretty cool. I may have to look into getting one of those.
  3. Fun movie Lisa. I subscribe to Petrolicious, and when I saw the title of the move, I knew it was you. Pretty fantastic. Thanks for clearing up that it was shot at Performance Technic. I thought that was your garage. I was wondering why you didn't let us know you had such a cool garage.
    1. Kidasters


      LOL.  I'm getting one in Blue, so it will match my car!

    2. sislane


      I'll expect a photo to follow. lol

    3. Kidasters
  4. very nice. Do the engine/transmission numbers match? If so - $$$$$$
  5. OK - you'll be happy to know, the Lambo fell through (yay). The owner/hoarder wasn't ready to move on with it yet. I'm OK with that, since it is ugly. The search continues.
  6. Ha. I was thinking more the love child of a Lambo and the Griswold Family Truckster. At least from the outside. You will be shocked to know that a restored Series 3 car should go for about $180,000.
  7. The more I research this car, the more I think it's unbelievably ugly. So ugly. It's like the inspiration for a Porsche Panamera. Ugh. I like the interior though. Series 2 car: Series 3 car: I still want to go look at it, but I don't see this joining my fleet.
  8. Lol. Nope. No way it would fit. That car is a late Series 3, with the "Big Bumpers". We think the car we are looking at is a Series 2 at the oldest, since it is missing the big bumpers.
  9. Lol. We are doing research before we start talking $$. The Series 3 cars are the most valuable, as they came standard with A/C and power steering. It was only optional in the other cars. 4 L V12 with 6 2 bbl sidedrafts. Ugh. Car is in pieces. It's complete, but not running. Of course - I'll let you guys know what happens.
  10. Well, the bad news is that I never saw the Fiat. Mike found someone that would give him money for it and the VW, so they both went away. The other bad news is that when Mike got to the Fiat's new home, he sent me this: followed by this: Which is a Lamborghini Espada. So ugly. We're trying to find out if it's a series 1, 2 or 3 car...... You guys love it, don't you? Ken
  11. Weird. No- bleeder screws are not the problem. I've never been able to power bleed my Porsche. On my 911 - there is an overflow. If you don't plug that - you'll never bleed the air out. The only way I've been able to bleed the brakes on my 911 is the old fashioned way - one guy pumping the pedal in the car, one guy with a wrench and bottle at the bleeder.
  12. It may have to stay at the warehouse Jim. Or - something else may have to go live at the warehouse. Or, I may actually have to sell something. All are possible. I need to go look at it. If it's that bad of a basket case, Mike will find someone else to take it off his hands.
  13. OK - I talked to Mike, and it may be this: Which may be OK if made to look like this:
  14. My friend who I call Crazy Mike also has the car bug. Mike currently has 3 - a 55 Chevy (3 on the column), a 1970 Lotus Europa and a 1972 Pontiac Firebird. The Firebird, which he bought for a dollar, is being built into a period correct race car. Trust me - he paid too much. The Europa he used to track, before the engine blew up. He's having a cage welded into it now for more racing. The Chevy is bone stock, original paint and has a great patina. I'm trying to convince him to put disc brakes on it in front so he doesn't die. It is a pretty car. Anyway - Mike and his business partner just bought a warehouse. It turns out that there is some junk in the warehouse that comes with it. What kind of junk? Just the kind we like. A 1980's-ish VW Scirocco. It's in a lot of pieces and needs to go away. An Austin Healey 3000 that looks like it has good bones - no rust, solid car. It needs work, but it looks decent. And - a 1970's Fiat. I was told a 124. I'm hoping it's the 124 spyder. Mike said I can have it if I want it. It supposedly has a blown engine, but no one has moved the stacks of garbage off of it to confirm. If it's this car, I will be happy: If it's this car, not so much: So - as soon as Mike closes on the warehouse, I'll go take a look. Pics to follow.
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