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  1. Love the wheels Marshall. That's a damn sexy car.
  2. I wish I could afford a 488 Pista. But I cannot. So - I will not talk about it any further.
  3. Who is doing what? You have all gone quiet. Marshall - E30 M3 update? Jim - did you sell the 911? Any new projects? Zinz - CS update? Ray - anything? I've got nothing. I haven't done much. Still need to replace the transmission cover plate on the R100. I did send out the exhaust to Jet Hot and had it ceramic coated. It looks really good. Still need to tune carbs on the R90. I tried to change the shoes on the front brake of the Bultaco, as well as put the 12V horn in it. Shoes need to bed now (ie - bike stops worse than before), and horn still doesn't work. 75 Honda CB550 is dormant. Ferrari is still not running - need to change/rebuild throttle cable and the throttle pedal assembly. it's hot. I need a vacation. I need a garage like Marshall has, with A/C. So - what's up guys?
  4. Kidasters

    Plastic welder

    It looks fantastic to me. I can see me getting a lot of use out of this.
  5. Kidasters

    Plastic welder

    That's pretty cool. I may have to look into getting one of those.
  6. You are amazing. The amount of work you have done would have taken me 2 years.
  7. Update: No tools here. No parts here. I've gone back and forth with Jet-Hot, and I've got a firm quote. I have to pull my exhaust, box it and ship it to Oklahoma for coating. I'm coating the mufflers flat black, and I'm coating the headers/crossover pipe "brass", which is about the same color as the pinstripes on the tank. Total for all that is just over $500. Seems reasonable. When I pull everything off, I'll take pictures for the before/after shots.
  8. FYI - more research. Bought the R100/7 repair manual on E-bay. That will help. In order to get the cover off, I'm going to have to pull a flange that mates up to the driveshaft. Of course, in the manual, this is two different BMW tools. Damn. Luckily - on the Vintage BMW motorcycle board that C.D.iesel pointed me to when I bought the R90/6 someone pointed me to a site where I could find a reproduction of that tool. Thank goodness. So - proper tools on order. Parts on order. May start disassembly this weekend if I can find time. Oh, one more thing. The black header paint won't stick to the mufflers well. I've been trading e-mails with Jet Hot. I think the exhaust system is going to them for coating.
  9. On one hand, it's part of owing old krap. You need to be able to fix it. On the other hand, yeah, I was hoping to ride it a little more. Yeah - it will be a huge pain. Ha. With all the stuff I have, it's not so bad. I drove both the 84 and the 89 this weekend. The weather here was fantastic, so I drove the Targa all over with the roof off, and I drove the 964 with all the windows down and the sunroof open. I also rode the bultato up and down the street in 1st gear, "bedding the rings". It was like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but without Leatherface. I love the 964. It's completely fantastic. I hope you sell your targa to a good home. Come clean when you sell it, and let us know what replaces it (Old Alfa Romeo GTV?).
  10. An update - Got all the rewiring done. It is boring, but new instrument is on and working. While trying to calibrate it, I was riding up and down the street a bunch. Stopped in the driveway, and taped my phone to the gas tank in order to use the GPS speedometer app that I downloaded. Was about to do another run up and down the street, when the bike when "Clunk" and died. A fatal flaw on the /5/6/7 bikes (and maybe more), if the pin on the clutch arm that pushes the throwout bearing gets loose, it can wiggle up and break one of the ears that hold it on the rear transmission cover. Which mine did. The fix is - remove the transmission from the bike, and replace the cover. Damn. To remove the transmission, I will have to remove - seat, coils, battery, battery bracket, rear brake, driveshaft, rear shocks, rear swing arm, airbox cover, air filter and the two plastic tubes that feed air to the carbs. Basically, I have to take the entire back end of the bike apart. Apparently, the best fix for this is to replace the pin with a bold and a ny-lock nut, so that it can't slip out of place. I'm very unhappy. As slow as I work, this may take me a year. Damn.
  11. When I got the 78 R100/7, the speedometer didn't work. It's not the stock speedo, driven by a gear on the transmission. It's a "Motogadget Tiny". It's driven by a Hall sensor that has a magnetic pickup on the front wheel on the front fork, and two magnets glued to the wheel determine speed. So - I replaced the Motogadget Tiny. Those stupid things are expensive. I figured if I just replaced it (wired a plug, and then added it to the harness), it would work. So - I did that. All functions work (volts, hi-beam indicator, turn signals), except speed. Then I realized, I didn't replace the magnetic pick up wire. So - replaced the sensor..... And - still doesn't work. The Motogadget now goes away. Bought a different instrument, with an electronic pickup that bolts into the stock position in the transmission. But i have to re-wire everything. Spent last weekend cutting tie-wraps and tracing/labeling wires. This weekend, I'll wire up a bunch of temporary wires to make sure everything works like it is supposed to, and then work on the permanent harness splices. But I hate this stuff. It is just monotonous work. And, if something is wrong, so hard to trace wires to find the fix. I need a working instrument. I need to fix this.
  12. Wow. Damn nice find Marshall. I'm jealous! Actually - I'm not sure what I am more jealous of - the E30 M3 or all the space you have to work? Probably both.
  13. Yeah - but the discount tire guys did just fine on the FJ. Put the second Firestone on the 964 today, and while I struggled a little, it's done, balanced and on the car. So - both fronts are done. Rears still look decent (no dry-rot cracks), so I will wait to replace them. Ordered some new stickers for the engine compartment today, as well as new lug nuts. At some point, I need to get off my rear and do the tune up, but so many other projects.....
  14. Sticker shock Marshall. That's all. No - they don't.
  15. Here's a new story for Ray to make fun of me about. The tires on the new 911 are old. Really old. Date code 2003 on the fronts, 2009 on the rears. The rear tires (Pirelli) still look pretty good, but the fronts are dry rotting, and have lots of cracks. But hey - I have a tire machine. No worries, right? But - I cheeped out. I bought 2 Riken Raptor tires. Who? What? Yes - Riken. Apparently, they are owned by Michelin, but it's some cheap tire. From Tire Rack. Had them delivered to the house, and worked on installation last weekend. Getting the really old and hard Michelin Pilot Sports off the old wheel was tough. The rubber was stupidly hard. It was a bear. Finally got the tires off the wheel, and thought the hard part was over. It wasn't. Fought the tire for at least 2 hours. The sidewalls are so hard, it just wouldn't mount on the rim. Finally - I gave up. Put a big block of wood under the 911, put everything up and walked away defeated. El Cheapo tires defeated me. On - and the Michelin also defeated me. It was so old and hard, I couldn't re-mount it either. In disgust, I ordered a single Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tire. DIdn't want to order more than one, just in case. I mounted the Firehawk today. Struggled a little, but it went better than the Riken. I then thought maybe it was the wheel. When I had the wheel off, I compared it to one of the Fuchs on the 84 911. Both cars call for a 205/55 R16 on the front, but the new 911 wheels are about 1/2" wider than the Fuchs off the old 911. So - I thought I would mount the Riken wheels on the Fuchs, and have a set of rollers, just in case. No joy. The Riken tire is so stiff, I can't even come close to getting it to mount on the Fuchs wheel. To make matters worse, I ripped part of the bead on one of the Riken tires in my struggles. I'm going to try and sell the remaining good one on Craigslist now. We'll see what happens. And, I ordered a second Firestone Firehawk. I'll try and get that mounted next weekend. One thing this did teach me - I need to use Discount Tire more. I was going to put tires on the FJ myself. Discount Tire only charges $100 to mount and balance, and the tires are actually cheaper through them than through Tire Rack. FJ goes to Discount Tire next weekend for new shoes.

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