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  1. This is what I have and I like it a lot. https://www.benchtoppro.com/ Non-hazardous, non-flammable.
  2. Flying through the air sideways - wow.
  3. Kidasters

    Mini Cooper

    Nice car. There are bones there that can be worked with. Looks like there are some "S" parts (the brake booster), but I thought the real "S" cars had dual fuel tanks. I'm still sad I never got my Mini to run right.
  4. Update: They picked up the Bultaco Wednesday. It was bittersweet. I hope the new owner really enjoys it. Now the scooter moved off the back porch and into the space previously occupied by the Bultaco. Good stuff. The performance exhaust is stupidly loud. Cracks me up. I think the scooter is going to be fun. While I was at it - I changed the rear tire on the scooter as well. So - all new rubber on the scooter.
  5. Update. Poor guy that bought the bike. He paid right away, and I sent him the title. But, because of all the virus stuff, bike is in the garage for the foreseeable future. This is completely nuts.
  6. I changed the front tire today. The 10" wheels won't fit in the motorcycle wheel adapters on the tire machine. Had to do it by hand, which is no fun. Once I got it on, I realized I had it backwards (they are directional). So - off and on again. Good grief. Will do the back at some point.....
  7. Bottom of the head, showing combustion chambers. The head has no cam gear on it for the timing chain. It should support the dual teeth timing chain for a stock 2002. Sale pending (locally).
  8. To answer the questions: The valves are all new - they have not been used. Part of the machine work that was done (besides what I mentioned before) - new valve guides were pressed into the head. New valves (intake and exhaust) were installed and lapped. New stem seals installed when the new guides were pressed. The rockers are new. I don't remember if I replaced the rocker shafts, but I think I did. I think the only used part in the head is the oiler line. I honestly don't remember what springs I used. They are new. I can't remember which ones though. The head, and everything on the head is included. My garage is not included. I'll try and post a picture later today.
  9. Tires will happen. I got the motorcycle wheel attachment for the tire machine. I was checking out some pretty cool looking custom wheels for scooters for it. Ya - lots of work to do. Like everything else.....
  10. BMW M10 head for sale. Casting mark on the head is 1983. This head was re-worked by Mike Perkins at Bavarian Machine in Houston before he passed away. Mike was fantastic, and is sorely missed. I had a lot of great conversations with Mike - my favorite being how he re-plumbed an Alpina fuel injection system from memory. Mike took the bare head from me - trued the head dead flat and re-bored the cam journals. He installed the valves - shimming all of them to open exactly the same. He did some work around the intake holes to clean them up. He replaced the coolant bib on the back of the head. Finally - he milled the front timing chain cover when he did the head, so it is the same height. Inside the head - Dr. Schrick's 292 cam, titanium keepers for the intake and exhaust springs. Instead of using springs on the rockers, I installed keepers. This comes with a new water neck and new distributor. I'd like $1200 for this, which is a huge deal. When Mike did the machine work on this head, it was $1500. The camshaft alone new right now is about $500. You can't build this head for $1200. But I need the room, and the car is long gone. Buyer pays shipping, and it's heavy. If you are in or around Houston, Tx - we can work something out (you pick up, or I bring it to you).
  11. All good things come to an end. The "wrong feet" thing was just too hard for me. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1966-bultaco-mercurio-175/ The BAT guys were very nice. My reserve was $4000, even though I wanted a higher number. When the bidding closed at $3900, BAT made up the difference. I've already shipped the title to the new owner. Just waiting on him to arrange shipping. It's going to Idaho. So - for putting around the neighborhood now, I have a different toy. A friend of mine is moving to Scotland, and sold me his 2003 Honda Metropolitan. 50 cc's of fury. 1930 original miles. $500. Installed a "performance" variator yesterday. Sport exhaust and new transmission belt enroute.
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