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  1. Ed, Any idea if this car sold? I was trying to find a current listing for it.
  2. This car is literally around the corner from me. If anyone is planning on coming down to see this car, look me up while you are here.
  3. The S14 M10 stroker motors are torque monsters and unbelievable fun.
  4. I've seen enough of our 02 owners to recognize the need to hire models for this venture 🤣
  5. Congratulations Colin. That didn't take long 😉
  6. I am having separation anxiety from my 02 as well. I only had possession of this car for about a month. Drove it through the hill country of Texas at 02berfest with Terry Sayther, crew, and others in attendance. Had the time of my life and then left it behind to button up a punchlist. I dream of driving the car most nights which is great until the alarm goes off. However, just on the horizon MidAmerica fest will be here and I'll be behind the wheel and qued up for the long journey there and back. I can hardly wait! Todd
  7. This is a regular sight here in south Texas. Mind you, I generally see them going into Mexico rather than out.
  8. Excellent news Andrew. I have sent you an email as you recommend. Thank you, Todd
  9. I suppose this is as good of a place to ask as any. In an effort to locate one of these Alpina differential covers I will attempt to resurrect this six month old post. Does anyone have one of these that they would be willing to sell or know where I might get my hands on one?
  10. BAT with a reserve is definitely the direction that I would pursue in this given situation. Even if you just wanted to test the market before committing to selling.
  11. I'm pretty sure that you already have a fair amount of attention on this car. 😉
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