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Pierre's Light Brackets


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I bought a set of auxiliary light brackets from Pierre. Nice product. Just now getting around to mounting them and went to look at his site for specs on hole size to drill and bolt size and length. The site is no longer there.


Before I drill into my '68 hood mount . . . something I do not relish doing as I have the worst luck of anyone still alive . . . does anyone have or remember the sizes of the hardware and what size bit to use? 

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Using archive.org's Wayback Machine.  The photos were not available:



Don't drill your front bumpers.  These brackets mount to the hood support behind the grille.  If you look behind your grille, you will see the two holes where the bracket is designed to mount onto.  On AC cars, the condenser and fan assembly uses one or two of the holes.  You can still use that same location to mount the brackets.

Some early cars, 71 and older do not have those holes.  The factory bracket was made available starting 1972.  But if you have an early car, you can still mount those brackets.  It will require that you drill 2 holes on the hood support, just like the factory did.


The mounting holes as seen through the grille of a 1974 2002.  Notice the vertical rib on the grille.

On 74s thru 76, one of the grille ribs will have to be cut for the bracket to fit through the grille.  That is not an issue on the early cars as they they did not have a vertical rib like the late cars.


A hack saw will do short work of that rib.  Make sure you don't cut the wrong one.  It's the inner most vertical rib, between the first and second slat from the bottom.

Rib piece removed.


Brackets get mounted with the grilles off.  You will need four (2 per side) 8 mm bolts, 4 flat washers, 4 lock washers and 4 nuts.  If the existing holes have nothing mounted on them, the length of the bolts should be at least 40 mm long.  You should get the wiring done at that time too.  Follow the wiring instructions provided with your lamp.  ALWAYS USE A RELAY.

Now,  slide the grilles on around the bracket.  (I used my 74tii as a demo car.  It's undergoing body work, so please excuse the apparent roughness of the vehicle.  One day, it will be NICE)


Then mount your light.  But watch the threaded mounting rod of your light.  It may be too long and may need to be trimmed.  I know I had to cut the one on my Hella 500.


"Long" brackets with Hella 2000 Lamps.

Now adjust the aim of your light beams and enjoy.

Email me at bimmerfan02@hotmail.com for more details or to order a set.


John in VA

'74 tii "Juanita"  '85 535i "Goldie"  '86 535i "M-POSSTR"  

'03 530i "Titan"  '06 330ci "ZHPY"


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