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1970 BMW 2002ti For Sale

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Price: $19000
Location: South Africa


Hi Guys, I have a beautiful 1970 BMW 2002ti on offer. 



The car is in superb condition, dead straight with virtually no rust other than a small bubble on drivers door. 

If you interested we can WhatsApp on +27793296961 or drop me an Email on sullibas6@gmail.com.

I have more detailed photos for serious buyers. I also have references should anyone require it. 

I can assist with shipping should you require it. 



You can also find me on my Facebook group page, Vintage Vehicle Inspection Services.


This car drives beautifully, suspension is nice and tight, no rattle and squeaks, engine runs great... this is truly a great example of an early 2002.

It's a numbers matching car. 

















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Hi Bimbill, I am not sure the problem, I received a few mails, including one from the first comment poster ZinZ. 


Just double check you have it right. All small letters, sullibas6@gmail.com


If you still don't come right, go onto my Facebook Group page, Vintage Vehicle Inspection Services and drop me a PM. 

See attached picture for more info. 

VVISI Email Signature.jpg

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4 hours ago, saaron said:


Are those Webers or Solexes?  They look like my buddy's Webers.  Is it a real ti do you think?  I don't see the VIN anywhere.  





Hi Scott, they webers. Definitely a ti, I verified Vin and has matching engine. If you go to my Facebook group page listed in the body of the ad. I've posted more pics. The car is truly gorgeous.

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4 hours ago, zinz said:

Apparently it is a real Ti, but now sports Weber 40DCOEs (very common, as the Solexes began to leak at the shaft seals and no one could work on them).


An FAQ member is trying to get it :)


....I sure wish I had those original Sport Seats.  



Those seat are the missing link to the perfect 2002 driving experience. If someone managed to get a set, this would be one of the finest ti's. The engine is perky, soulful with the matching tone.... she handles solid and sturdy with no steering play. I can see why these are so popular with enthusiast across the globe. 

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