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  1. Bristol Ti, unicorn indeed. In Austin by any chance?
  2. I've used Powertrain Industries for 25 years and always been very happy. They have the proper equipment to balance a BMW two piece driveshaft and can make one up from parts you supply or fabricate a new one from scratch. I have always provided them with detailed drawings and specifications and they return a driveshaft that matches perfectly. One caveat is that I believe they only deal with businesses which is why over the years people have ordered through Driveline Services of Portland (OR). The last time I went through Driveline Services it didn't seem like they charged much to act as middleman. I believe Powertrain Industries went through a reorganization a couple of years ago and they now do all their custom fabrication out of a facility in Texas while their headquarters is in Southern California. Go to their website to see the machine that balances BMW drive shafts. It looks expensive.
  3. I can't say for sure but there are five that I have seen, maybe more. One is a Tisa that is undergoing a no-expense-spared restoration.
  4. If this is the one I think it is, it has been for sale for literally years. I spoke to the seller nearly a year ago and he sent me a gallery of images. The nose has been replaced once, with snorkel, and needs to be replaced again. The big issue for me was that the numbers matching engine is long gone. For most 2002 owners, matching numbers doesn't seem to be an issue but for a Ti I think it matters. But that's just me. The car looked very rough in the photos and for what he was asking I passed.
  5. I'll be there with my E9. I hoped to have my NK ready by now but ran into a major hurdle with the engine.
  6. Excellant. Placing an order now.
  7. I searched the forum and found no discussion by anybody? I've checked all the usual sources for part # 11330634100 and they all show it NLA. What are folks doing when it comes time to replace?
  8. I'm preparing to do this swap on my NK as I get closer to finally putting it back on the road for the first time in 20 years. Based on your previous posts it appears you have a 2000Tilux that is a transition between the early and late cars. In that case the body shell is about the same. However one difference that comes into play for this mod is that you appear to have a two piece driveshaft. My '65 1800 has a one piece and it is much larger in diameter. I think it will be easier to deal with shortening/installing your two piece. When I've done a 5 speed swap in both a 2002 and a 3.0CS I sent the part to Powertrain Industries in So. California. I'm not sure if that is more difficult to do from Canada as it relates to cost and shipping. They've been doing these for at least 20 years and they have the equipment to balance a two piece BMW driveshaft. If I can find one, I'm going to install a two piece driveshaft in my car. It will require installing the brackets to mount the center support bearing, something you already have on yours. Also a difference that you will have to figure out is the fact that the NKs all appear to have the flex disk (quibo) installed at the rear, attached to the diff input flange. At the front mine has a steel disk that that attaches to the trans output. I'm going to try installing a compatible flange and guibo at the front of the new driveshaft. It's an arrangement used on other period BMWs so not really new ground from an engineering standpoint.
  9. I flew an airplane with water injection at one time. Water/methanol to be exact. I don't recommend it with a Weber Wait a minute. If we could rig a nozzle on the air filter housing and use the washer bottle pump I bet we could make this work. Toby?
  10. I'm the one who told Tom that the selector rod was NLA. I based that on the fact that realoem showed it as "ended". I guess I should have dug a little deeper as it appears that the online BMW parts dealers (GETBMWparts.com is the one I use) do show it available. So between kbmb02 and the dealer it looks like you could gather everything needed to make this usable. I would be curious to see if the dealer actually had this available. I recently got very excited when I saw a rare NK part number show up with a price only to get the dreaded email a couple of days later saying "sorry, no longer available". Regarding Chris's comment, if the part number ending in 475 isn't the same damaged part that Tom shows in the first image then I'm stumped as to where to locate the selector rod on realoem. Wouldn't be the first time i was confused using realoem though. Last, is the going rate for these really $1200?
  11. I've used this company twice and was very pleased: http://www.coasttocoastauto.com/ Last time it was $1200 from Seattle to Wash. DC so I assume Chicago to Bend would be less. Or, because they're based in Boise you might opt to pick up the 2002 from there and drive it to Bend. Most of the drivers are husband and wife teams.
  12. I'm a little late to this thread but I think it's a fun example of the excellent knowledge base on this forum. I was discussing this one with a friend who has a small but very impressive collection and we agreed this one will pierce the $30,000 threshold, and rightfully so. As for the seat color/hinge finish debate, I commented on the chrome hinges over on BAT and no one seemed concerned. That's a good thing in my opinion. One of the things I love about the vintage BMW world is that we have yet to go crazy about the originality/value equation on most of the more common cars. CSLs yes, carbed 02s not so much. I love old Porsches and I have many friends who own them but if this was a 356 it would be blasted on their forum. Thinking back on Legends last August, with a couple of exceptions, the best 02s on the grass had some mods. Tesoro has a Neue Klasse steering wheel and it is a stunning car. By the way, my first BMW was a late '71 with long bumpers and a single solex, so the urge to jump into the bidding is up there. Then I look at the unfinished 1800 and the even more unfinished Tii, give my self a dope slap and return to surfing this forum. My guess? $3502.00
  13. This table is from a Mahle catalog, I think. In the third column I believe the 1.5, 4.5, 1.5, 6.8 refer to the dome height. It seems to be born out by the US pistons that came out of my Tii block and the 9.5 pistons I just sourced.
  14. I tried to send an email and got a warning that your email does not appear valid. Can you clarify?
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