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  1. There were a couple of comments on the BAT thread regarding a Colorado ti that was available in B.C. around the year 2000. I bought a Colorado ti on Vancouver Island about that time and I wonder if it was the same car? AlfaBMWguy and I have exchanged emails about it. It was a really low mileage car (about 52K miles if memory serves) and wonderful to drive. Completely original but it did have a crumpled left rear quarter panel and some rust. I sold it on to a couple in the local CCA chapter. They had the body repaired and painted and subsequently sold it to a very well know collector in SoCal. I'm generally not that nostalgic about cars I've sold but that's one I wish I still had. So it goes.
  2. From the Spring 2018 BMWCCCA (Classic CCA) market watch section: "1970 2002ti. One Swedish owner, no rust, all original except for one respray. Most desirable color Colorado. Sold privately for 61,500 euros ($75,00 dollars). Strong price for a strong car." These do come up for sale occasionally in Europe and I've only seen them in restored or near perfect original condition. They are usually in the above price range.
  3. bimbill

    NK 2000 Wiring

    Thanks very much Chris. I am finishing up with a conversion of my '65 1800 to 12 volts and this will be useful to cross-reference against the 6 volt schematic I have.
  4. Slavs, thanks for reviving this thread. Since my first post I've learned a bit more regarding the 1800. You're absolutely correct that my crank was not fully counterbalanced as I indicated and also that the early six bolt 2002 crank will work and provide a smoother running engine. Alas as I inspected the original 1800 from my car it proved to need a full rebuild and at the time I couldn't find oversized pistons. As a result I opted to source a 2.0 liter and also to install a G245 five speed, so I gave up on originality for usability.
  5. Lovely car and will be interested to see the final result. The comments on BAT regarding California registration are troubling and will surely affect the final price.
  6. bimbill

    towing a '74 2002?

    It probably depends on how far you are towing. Most of the above mentioned methods should be OK for a short local haul but what I learned over several year of towing race cars longer distances is that you should avoid attaching the car to the trailer by anything above the springs, especially with web-type straps. As the car bounces on the suspension the straps stretch and after 50 or so miles all the straps will be loose. I put some E-track on my trailer and bought straps that fit over the front tires. The is the way the pros do it and when cranked down the car isn't going anywhere. I put the rear straps over the trailing arms (they are specially designed with padding) just for added peace of mind .
  7. These guys in Kirkland installed one my E9 sunroof car. It turned out nearly perfect. Among the things I won't even consider doing myself, this is high on the list. By the way, because you need to remove the windshield and rear window to do this properly, it's a good time to check the condition of the gaskets and locking strip...and the glass,,, and??? The classic project creep.
  8. bimbill

    M10 Engine History Article

    Really good history of the M10. The author makes a good point about the crossover to what became the platform for BMWs survival and ultimate success. Owning a Neue Klasse 1800 has been a terrific learning experience and has made me appreciate the importance of that model range. Not only did it introduce the M10 but also MacPherson strut front suspension and semi-trailing arm independent rear suspension. I do see one error regarding the early M10 cam oiling. My NK 1800 with a 116 cylinder head used a hollow cam with holes on the back side of the lobes to oil the lobe/rocker interface. The is no spray bar present and indeed no hole in the center cam boss for a spray bar. Not sure when the change over to the spray bar occurred as my NK parts book is hard to decipher in that regard. I do know the 118 head used on the 114 series 1600 had the spray bar. This fact is crucial if you're putting a later cam into a 116 head.
  9. bimbill

    Neue Klasse Registry

    Terrific find and very rare. It would be good to see an engine picture and also what code is on the cylinder head. I believe it should be 115. There is a small but enthusiastic owner group here that can provide plenty of information and resource advice for you.
  10. bimbill

    1965 1800 Project

    Before you attempt to start it, do some research here regarding oil pump, filter housing and cam lobe oiling. This should have a 116 head and if it does it won't have the oil spray bar that showed up later. Cam lobes are oiled internally through the hollow cam, so make sure there are small holes on the back side of each lobe. I have one built in March 1965. You will very much enjoy learning about all the little quirks and differences between this and later M10 powered models. You should be able to find factory workshop and parts manuals through some of the usual channels and those are really helpful. Good luck with your adventure. The NK group is small but very supportive.
  11. This just showed up and looks very nice: The most glaring fault is the lack of the original Solex 40s and matching air filter housing. Still, the interior alone would make this a keeper and the lack of originality could keep the price in a reasonable range. Should be fun to watch.
  12. bimbill

    Half axel boots ?

    Sorry, leap frogged mich02s response.
  13. bimbill

    Half axel boots ?

    Walloth and Nesch has them, if they are in fact the early opaque type. Do a search here for the technique using boiling water to soften them and then a spoon or similar to stretch them over the pin. I would never have believed it would work until I did it. Also, don't loose any of the 144 bearing needles.
  14. bimbill

    69 Three-Piece Dash

    Sent a PM at 3:15 PST so it looks like Hal and I might have tied 😀 I guess the seller will have to decide the tie breaker.