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  1. To me it doesn't look like a Neue Klasse console. I just bought one and it looks like the one in this image. Note the bright trim. I think yours is most likely from a European spec 1600 or 2002 with the chrome pieces on the face of the lower dash. Equally rare and yours looks to be in good shape.
  2. I've done these twice, once on my NK and once on my '67 1600. There was a thread on here somewhere but I couldn't find it just now. Bottom line is submerge the boots in boiling water for five minutes and then use some sort of "spoon" to stretch them over the pins. Also, be very careful with the 116 needle bearings when you're taking the axles apart. They are said to be NLA but one of mine was broken in half and a friend (thanks Nathan) sent me a link to a company in France that provides the correct size. I ordered ten at 93 cents each so I would have a few extras. What I learned in looking for alternatives to the boots is that some early 2002s with long neck diff came with CV joint axles with the correct asymmetric bolt pattern to match up to earlier cars that came with these clear boot axles. I don't have access to my parts book right now but it tells the VIN range for the CV axles. Pretty narrow range so finding a set could be a challenge. What I found on my 1600 is that the diff output flanges are drilled for either symmetrical or asymmetrical U-joints/CV joints but the drive axle flanges on the trailing arms are asymmetrical, leaving you with the option of sourcing matching CV axles or replacement trailing arms. The bottom line is you have to decide how many miles you plan to put on your car. It's likely the clear boots will last long enough unless you intend to do 10-15K a year. HTH.
  3. This is a hard-to-find package and probably worth the ask for someone restoring a pre model '71 euro spec car. But keep in mind that the glove box, ash tray and center console are all different compared from US cars of the same vintage. As are all the under-dash cardboard parts. Also, the lower dash chrome pieces are made up of four chrome-plated plastic pieces and two (glove box, ash try) chrome plated metal pieces. There might be more differences but those are ones that come to mind. Where this would be very desirable is for someone restoring an authentic 2002ti. Those left the factory with this dash and are bringing prices, restored, that would justify the investment for this dash. Pre-68 1600s had this also but values aren't quite there yet.
  4. Beautiful work. I love the image of the axle boot and spoon. Did you use boiling water to soften the boot?
  5. I got a later style front seal from Carl Nelson. He said early style are NLA.
  6. Second in line for the Tii air cleaner mounts?
  7. Luis, I am happy you were able to finalize the deal. Bittersweet I'm sure.
  8. What I've found in the past was that once you removed the mylar, or whatever the tint is made of, there was a residue left behind that was clear and almost invisible except it was sticky. The adhesive that made the tint stick to the glass I guess. I tried any number of solvents and cleaners and finally discovered that the only thing that would remove it was isopropyl alcohol. Use it with a paper towel and do small areas at a time and you should have perfectly squeaky clean glass. I can't swear that this will work on all brands of tint but it has for me on three or four cars.
  9. I'll take the 121 head pending confirmation of measured thickness. Shipping to 98074. Email sent.
  10. No sale at $20,000. I really thought it would do better but I guess the general collector world has yet to realize the cool factor of these.
  11. Hi Bill, Welcome to the NK world and the local (very small) Puget Sound NK community. I've been bringing a 65 1800 back from twenty plus years of slumber so let me know via PM if you need any help sourcing parts or need any information regarding local resources. Bill
  12. Upon further investigation, it looks like they changed their name but still at the same location with the same owner. Worth a phone call at least.
  13. I used this company to do parts for my E9. Very good customer service and the bumpers on my coupe look excellent five years later. https://restorationplating.com

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