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  1. Good luck with your auction. Very well presented and cared for. It should do well.
  2. Thanks Andy. As you can imagine, very mixed emotions about selling this and if the world wasn't what it is right now I would stay with it. But I will finish the Neue Klasse and have it ready for 02/02/21.
  3. Thanks for the positive comments guys. Very much appreciated. Believe me Nathan, if I could I would be keeping this and assembling it with the goal of experiencing that feeling of driving a "new" 2002 like I did fifty years ago. Yikes, I am really old.
  4. There you go letting common sense rule your heart. You know I had plans for a Ti clone with all the Euro bits I have for this. We'll see what happens. Thanks for your thoughts.
  5. I'm offering this here as it is obviously better to find a local buyer than try to deal with transporting a rolling shell and many tubs of parts. 1970 BMW 2002 rolling sunroof shell, restored and painted by Kevin Kay Restorations in Redding, CA circa 1997. At that time, over $13,000 in receipts ($40/hr labor rate at the time) including new nose panel, doors, front fenders, right rear quarter panel. Remaining body parts were completely rust free. The shell is about as rust free as you could hope to find in todays market. Repainted in Chamonix from original Verona. Matching numbers engine rebuilt to stock specs in 1997 and not run since. Extra re-surfaced 121 head. Engine should probably be dis-assembled and inspected, then resealed. The following parts have been sourced to complete the assembly with many Euro spec details. Getrag 245 five speed O/D transmission with accompanied shortened drive shaft. Set of four E30 steel wheels with center caps and new General tires Complete brake upgrade components with: -front 320i hubs, 77 320i vented rotors, Volvo calipers -rear 320i backing plates, shoes, drums, pistons -NOS ATE master cylinder -Tii brake booster; verified holds vacuum. 4. Ireland Engineering stage 1 lowering springs 5. 9 of 10 new belt trim. Missing back-ordered pass door piece but have a good used part. 6. NOS set of bumpers with Euro front and rear over-riders. 7. Complete new tail light assemblies 8. Complete new Euro headlight assemblies 9. Used but excellent condition grille assembly (three pieces) 10. Mostly new weather strip and seals 11. Used but un-cracked three piece dash with Tii clock which works and keeps perfect time. 12. A complete marine blue interior with un-cracked vinyl seat material and good, but not perfect door panels. As an option the car can be sold with a complete black interior including NOS front door panels. Black seats are used but uncracked with good stuffing. 13. New salt and pepper carpet kit. Not sure of the brand but it is very nice quality. 14. Many new weather stripping pieces, many of which are NOS and as such should fit better than what is now available. All remaining parts are either original from the restored shell or good used and correct parts sourced mostly in the local area. Known needs are a headliner, windshield, shocks/strut inserts. There are probably some other small pieces missing but I do have two tubs of new parts sourced over the last few years that will go with the car. Clean WA title in my name. If interested send me a PM with your phone or email and I can forward a Flickr album with 25 images. Asking $9,500 OBO.
  6. Weber DCOE 45 15/16 were the carbs used on the 1800TiSA. Probably other applications as well but I know they were used on that model.
  7. It looks stunning James. You can drive it with pride and know you won't see one any better. Looking forward to the world being back to normal so we can gather and enjoy our cars. Bill
  8. Many good choices so far, all with arguments in their favor. Mine is the 2002Ti, sadly never imported to the US. Here are my reasons: 1. It has the cosmetic value of the early, plain sided, short bumper 2002. 2. It has the various brake and suspension upgrades that were used on the Tii. 3. The twin solex side drafts, when not worn out and properly tuned and breathing through the factory air box, are smooth with great throttle response. 4. It is the car that Alpina used as the basis for their first 02 racing program. 5. Last but not least, it was offered in Colorado.
  9. Regarding the 1600ti airbox, one other very small difference is that the end caps with the tapered snorkel tips; the place where the air first enters, are 2mm smaller in diameter. If you look closely at this image from the above referenced thread you can just make out difference. 1600ti on top. If we ever get to the point where there are judged events where the judges use calipers to measure this dimension, I think we have lost it as a community. But that's just my opinion. BTW, I think this is a very good price for the part on offer.
  10. Comments regarding the correctness of certain components on this restoration remind me of why our chapter stopped organizing an annual Concours d'Elegance. For several years I was chairman of the committee that organized the event and one of my jobs was recruiting and training judges for the various classes. What we found was that those members who had exceptional knowledge of a particular model usually had a car entered, an automatic disqualification. Others who had detailed knowledge were usually local shop owners who might have performed work on entrants cars, another disqualification. That left us with club members who were willing to be judges, a somewhat thankless job as the entrants who didn't win their class were often willing to tell us how we got it wrong. One way we found to avoid the swamp of judging was to base it simply on condition and cleanliness. We weren't about to start removing hubcaps to check the date code on wheels, for example. These days our most popular events are gatherings involving cleaning up your car and bringing it out to share with others. No judging, no trophies just sharing of stories and tips on how to keep the old cars on the road. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with judged competition, just that it takes a lot of effort and willingness to put up with some of the above issues. I know a couple of the LOTA judges and they are as knowledgable and fair as you could hope for. Hats off to them and to the owners who win trophies.
  11. Part of an estate that I helped the widow sell. After all her parts were gone this '67 Euro 1600 was left. She was going to call the metal recyclers so I paid her a small sum and hauled it home. I have since begun a mechanical refresh, got it running and am upgrading the brakes to a 2 circuit system from the wonky remote booster single circuit setup. Rust is remarkably minimal but my plan is to get it driving safely and then pass it on to someone who wants to work on the cosmetics (or not). I call him Andy, in honor of the late owner who bought it in 1973.
  12. This one just came up on BAT: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-bmw-2002tii-42/ Unfortunately it has had the nose replaced and there is some question whether the engine is numbers matching but otherwise it fits your needs. If you plan a complete nut and bolt restoration, I believe the snorkel nose can be addressed. The engine number could be crucial though. I'm not in the originality obsessed crowd but in the case of a Tii like this one, especially with your skills and how you want it to end up, I do think those things matter. At the very least, watching this one will give you some idea of where the market is currently.
  13. Thanks for this write up James. The result looks excellent and I look forward to seeing how it holds up through time and temperature changes.
  14. To me it doesn't look like a Neue Klasse console. I just bought one and it looks like the one in this image. Note the bright trim. I think yours is most likely from a European spec 1600 or 2002 with the chrome pieces on the face of the lower dash. Equally rare and yours looks to be in good shape.
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