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  1. Great discussion. A question I have is, who imported BMWs to Canada before BMW NA came into being? Was it Max Hoffman or another individual or did BMW AG have a direct distribution network set up North of the border?
  2. bimbill

    1968 BMW 1600ti

    PM sent
  3. Check with Connor at Vintage Autobahn. He just acquired a large collection of NOS parts and I think there was a new 6 volt generator in one of the boxes. Also, I got one a while back from Double 02 Salvage in Hayward.
  4. bimbill

    How many are left?

    Andy, email sent
  5. bimbill

    How many are left?

    A Ti is at the very top of my wish list. Having owned one many years ago (now in Rey's collection) I know how rare they are. As to your question, I have no idea and I doubt anyone else does with certainty. I remember that back in the 90s there was an informal sig and the consensus back then was maybe 20 total in North America. I think that was just an educated guess. They are out there though. This one is at a shop in the Bay Area and has apparently been for sale for a while: Delia mentions it in a 2016 post. I spoke to the seller yesterday. He seemed like a good guy and I think ended up with the car as an abandoned project left my an owner who ran into difficulties. The seller sent me about 50 images and based on the VIN and some details it does appear to be a legit Ti. I decided that it was a little too rough for me to take on but given the values and depending on your welding skills, it could make sense. Sadly, the original engine seems long gone, replaced by a rebuilt 2.0. I didn't ask if it had the correct 121 head. Also the original non-snorkel nose has been replace with a standard 02 part. But, the air filter housing brackets are present on the driver's inner fender and I could see the boxed trailing arms. It is a car that deserves resurrection, I believe, but you would have a hard time making the math work given the non-matching engine. Still, as your post says: "how many are left?"
  6. I checked the pair I bought and they are left/right, so I can't help. I wish I could remember how many pair we had before the sale started. I seems unlikely Andy would have bought two of the same side based on all the other things we saw while setting up. I'll add my thanks to everyone who came out for this event. The PNW 02 group really stepped up to help Cathy and her family.
  7. Tom, I sold him that engine and yes, that mileage is correct. Regarding the original question, having built an M2 back in the late nineties, I said then that if I had it to do over, I would have built a nice M10 with side-drafts, cam, etc. While I love the S14, it belongs in an E30M3 but heck, I'm old school obviously. Bill
  8. bimbill

    BMWs and Burgers is coming

    Forecast just updated this morning by NOAA now calling for dry and partly sunny. Shine them up and come on out.
  9. bimbill

    WTB Input flange for longneck diff

    PM sent
  10. I wondered the same thing regarding a 2002ti. We know there's at least one museum worthy example in the U.S
  11. bimbill

    WTB chrome dash underpanels

    Walloth shows two of the pieces on their site. They used to have all available and maybe will again.
  12. bimbill

    WTB Input flange for longneck diff

    As an alternative I would buy a complete diff with this flange. I know I just missed one on the for sale page.
  13. bimbill

    BMW 1800 TISA

    I have been helping Bill with some of his parts searches and can shed some light on the rear subframe questions. I'll start with the disclaimer that this is "to the best of my knowledge" but no guarantee that is is absolutely correct. It appears from looking at my 1967 factory parts book that NKs came with two rear subframes. My May '65 1800 has the earlier style which accepts the long neck diff. My August '67 parts car has the later style with a side loader installed. I can't say with certainty when the changeover occurred because, unlike the orange parts books that BMW later offered at dealer parts counters, I have yet to decipher the codes for dates in my blue binder version. As NickVyse mentioned, the bodies of the cars were different in the rear inner fender area with the later ones having the upper spring perch moved back about three inches to accommodate the spring location on the trailing arms. Also, the trailing arms are different in a couple of dimensions and are not interchangeable. I believe TISAs were all manufactured during the first three months of 1965 and as a result had the earlier subframe/trailing arms installed. I hope this helps for those trying to source parts as there are many subtle but important differences between Neue Klasse cars throughout their production.
  14. bimbill

    Repaint in seattle

    Andy's advice is on the money. Preparation is the big part of any paint job so the more you can do yourself, the less the final bill. To try to hit your budget I would approach it this way. 1. Remove all the trim, lights, grills, etc, but leave the trim around the side windows. You can tape that off. Rope the front and rear window gaskets. That's the term I've heard used to describe what Joystream suggested. 2. Have the painter prep the surface, probably with a dual-action (DA) sander. At this point you will have to decide how to deal with minor imperfections like chips and scratches. For your budget you will probably need to just paint over those. 3. Decide on a paint product. This is a big part of the bill and even with the lowest priced product it will be $1500 or more, I would guess. 4. Re-assemble everything you took off after the paint has cured and been cut and buffed. It's been a few years since I had my E9 painted but at that time good body shops were charging about $65/hour. The shop Andy mentioned in Renton charges about $8000 for a complete paint job with a very good result, so your budget, while a little on the low side is not that low. The last thing to consider is how long you hope the re-paint to hold up. Most paint looks good for a year or so. The real quality jobs will still look the same after five years.