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Need Help With My 75 2002. No Start


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Hey, I have bought my first 2002 two weeks ago. Since then I have replaced the Solex 32/36 Carb and the Mechanical Fuel pump. It drove fine but ran really rich. Anyway, today, I made a trip to O'reillys which is about 1/3 mile away from where I work and it died on me. I have spark and have  check the lines from the tank for any fray/cracks already. My glass filter takes a while to fill up but nothing goes into the carb at all. I am suspecting the push rod is probably worn? Please help me out. I'm stumped. thanks

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Coupla things to check:


1.  disconnect the fuel line at the carb and place it in a jar or cup (NOT styrofoam!) and have helper turn the key to start.  You should get a healthy squirt of fuel every few seconds if the pump is functioning.  If no fuel,

a.  blow back through the fuel line and blow bubbles in the gas tank (have someone listen with the gas cap off).  this will confirm no blockage in the fuel line

b. make sure filter isn't choked up with crud.  It's supposed to be only partly full; that's normal.

c. check the flex fuel lines between the firewall and filter, and filter to fuel pump inlet.  If those lines are the old, cloth-covered OEM lines, chances are they're cracked and leaking air--cracks are hidden by the cloth cover.  Mechanical pumps will not function if the inlet side of the pump is sucking air. 

d. pull pump and examine the pushrod; if either end is beveled, replace it.  And if your new pump doesn't look like the old one, know that there are two different length pushrods and your new pump and old pushrod may not be compatible.

2.  If you're getting fuel on the output side of the pump, look down the carb throat (engine off) while working the accelerator linkage; you should see a squirt of gas from the accelerator pump nozzle.  No squirt may mean there's a blockage somewhere in the carb.


Let us know whatcha find...



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