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  1. neat, tight and cheap... good work!
  2. Check your front bottom tranny cover plate if it is still there or if your using one. This cover is sheet metal half moon shape that fits on the bottom of the front tranny and secured by 10mm bolts. Sometime they can come loose or come in contact with the flywheel thus making the described noises on different operating conditions.... mine was like that.... good luck....
  3. I've seen here in the board before that you can use GL-5 on a borg warner fine splinned tranny. Just can't find it anymore. Is there any truth to this? Looking for something locally for GL-4 is a treasure hunt. If not i'll just use HD 40wt until i can place an order online for mtl80. Thanks in advance...
  4. yes i do remember that is why i like it with the panasports...
  5. ed i think they will look better in 15"s 🤪
  6. quieting her down for the trip to mid am. still have the 40s upfront singing. but i rather have that..
  7. RJD2 - I had mine vinyl wrapped. it turned out ok. but not great. it would be a 5 footer regarding trim i would say. the wrapper is experienced and had a difficult time with it.
  8. yes. it is under regional / texas on the faq or you can go to houston bmw 2002 owners. best to do post on the FAQ TEXAS GROUP
  9. Doug, there are a bunch of us coming from houston. austin, dallas area. maybe if the timing is right you can meet up at junction to join a caravan going up to mid am. you can post on the texas group. John
  10. yes had them on my italians for about a year before Harvey took it away... yes they do work. more grunt on the bottom end and it fits standard booster. i did change to finer filter media later. the red stock media was too coarse.
  11. look through the pics at BAT and pay close attention to the rear right rocker/wheel wheel. looks to have major cancer growing under.
  12. my 76 in Jan 99' before going and at big bear CA.
  13. Sounds like a loose heat shield.. check your heat shield and like what the previous reply push in different places with a tool while engine running and see if noise changes.
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