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  1. quieting her down for the trip to mid am. still have the 40s upfront singing. but i rather have that..
  2. I ran a 12 gauge wire from a relay going to my carter with an inertia switch (optional). pump is mounted on rubber isolation mounts under the rear by the fuel tank. you can barely hear it when outside. my tank is vented to the front using the original line but no charcoal canister.
  3. Like simeon suggested and I would suggest relocating your fuel pump closer to the fuel tank and lower. these pumps are usually design to push than pull. getting it closer and lower will help. good luck.
  4. Awesome gathering with beatiful texas hill country weather... thanks terry and debbie...
  5. underneath the passenger seat. nice and cool away from the harsh environment of the engine bay.
  6. Greg I guess i have to drag myself up to cc at mozarts cause i am he --- John Rosaldo... ?
  7. If i get my lazy butt up to finish the repairs i will be there......
  8. Thank you Chris for holding this event and thank you to Classic BMW. We had a great time and got a young driver to start pursuing in a getting an 02.
  9. Darrin, Starbucks at 5am.. i think we have john jones and rudy heading up with us...
  10. I would buy a wide band before you start tuning your dcoes. I made a mistake by not and ended up with 100 plus $ worth of jets and such.. I also tried 34 chokes and found them unresponsive below 4000 rpm. I auggest to start with 125 or 130 mains. No bigger. I've always multiplied choke size by 4 and that will give you an idea where your mains should be. For 32 chokes - 125-130. Your idle jet looks lean. But then again each engine responds diff. What i learned? Buy a wideband... worth every dollar...
  11. +1 on Toby's comment. I also run these on my 02 dcoe32. They work and I don't think are too small for our 2 liter. These where from alfa 2liters which i believe breathe more. Bolt on air horns only and if your running the stock brake booster you're limited unless you go angled or tii bb. I went angled with mine. Im running 32 chokes with 125 mains , 200 air cor., f9 immul.tube, and 50 or 55 idle jets... runs strong but could be better. AFR on the rich side 9-13... might drop air cor. To 190 and see.
  12. I will see you all there at breakfast. I hope the rain veers offcourse.
  13. Don't forget those stickers add 10 hp. So 110 hp cars. ;-)
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