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Cracked Fuel Sender Sleeve


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Hi jgerock


When I read your post "http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/138459-mechanical-fuel-pump-issuesquestions/where you state "If that sleeve is cracked or missing, then you will pull air and not fuel," I looked at the one in my 73 2002 and indeed it is cracked.  I have been trying to figure out why the clear inline fuel filter before the carb is always almost empty even when the car is running.  Could this cracked sleeve be the cause? I have also been trying to figure out why I get an intermittent drag or miss that feels like a fuel starvation issue.  I pulled the tank and cleaned it out and there was very little dirt in it and that's when I noticed the cracked sleeve. My question is.  Can you suggest a solution to this cracked sleeve issue short of shelling out $185 for an new fuel sender?  Thanks......jeff.striebich


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Thanks...you guys are great.  Repairing that cracked sleeve is the next step in trying to resolve a fuel delivery issue.  After emptying out the tank which was pretty clean, I noticed the cracked sleeve.  The next step is to replace that sleeve.  I am curious to see if the clear in-line fuel filter fills up with gas and if it does, I presume the new sleeve fixed it.  


I'll update my progress and results later.


Thanks again....Jeff Striebich

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