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Engine Rebuild


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+1 For JP at A1 Imports.  Cost will completely depend on what 'overhaul' ends up meaning.  For a complete head and bottom end rebuild with critical new parts... I'd budget $3000.  Of course, if you just need to refresh some basic things like head gasket, seals, etc. then it will be considerably less.  It completely depends on the current condition of the engine and what you want to do with it.  JP does good work though.



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I am in the Bay Area as well and just bought a Chamonix 72 that I will be doing a motor for at some point.  Casey Motor Sports in Petaluma is also a good choice.  I would like to speak with you and exchange notes on what we are doing with our respective 02s.  Maybe we can help each other.  I have a very good friend that worked for years at A&E in Campbell before starting his own shop in Grass Valley.  He is now doing cars at his home and is one of the more knowledgable 02 guys I know.  My email is skjerven4198@yahoo.com



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I can not recommend anyone from that area as I am on the cold side of the opposite coast, but I can lend wisdom to the rebuild...


The big issue is what do you plan to replace?  Where do you draw the line.  I essentially swapped every moving part I could that had any risk of wear.  I can tell you it did not need it (some parts did)... but after 40 years, I figured it was false economy not to get it rebuilt like new.  I even replaced a perfect oil pump with new just to have a spare.  I replaced my entire cooling system top to bottom because I was having overheating issues.  Oil starvation and heat kill engines.. so I paid more upfront in hopes of saving down the road. All "good" parts were stored in oil as they may be better than nothing in 40 years time.  


My original clutch was ok/fine, but with the engine out I was advised it would cost me the same to put a brand new one in (minus parts).  New clutch.  


What is a new engine with an old (circa 1970's aside from bushings) suspension?  I refreshed that too (suspension removed and painted, new bushings, shocks and springs and roll bars).  While the engine out I also had the bay painted in base/clear (better do it right now with the engine out)  I have no plans to repaint the car soon, but in the next few years I may, and I know base/clear is my only option.   


Where did I stop?  I stopped when all mechanical issues were fixed.  Now I am doing my interior (carpets, odds and ends as it is in good shape).  Maybe I will get it repainted in the next year or two 


I paid a lot for my work, but I know I would pay far more had I spread it out. 

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