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  1. A blue 72 rolled down my street here in South Lake Tahoe. It looked like it had a roof rack. Could not catch it before it drove away. Anyone on this board? Thanks
  2. The Agave spends her summers here in Tahoe. Wooden skis, cable bindings, and poles with leather grips and baskets. I heard tell if a water heater coming home from home depo strapped to a rack like this one.
  3. Refinished MIM 15x7 et25 rims. Rather not ship.
  4. There you go. Steve was a wrench at A&E. He was let go. Many years later he came back and bought A&E. He worked on our first 02 and my parent's 74 3.0cs.
  5. Can you name the person who started his BMW legacy at A&E Performance?
  6. He does nice air cleaners as well. The base plate has the velocity stacks built in.
  7. This is a TJP product. Custom 3D machined billet aluminum. Instagram @timjasonperformance. Website timjasonperformance.com

  8. Road trip with my brother. California to North Dakota. Lots of open road. Only 2 tickets. One in North Dakota and the other in Montana. They set up a road block for me in Montana as the first guy knew he could not catch me going up the pass. The road block, on the other side of the pass, was a single Bronco blocking both lanes. He said he was happy I stopped because there was no way he would have caught me in his Bronco.
  9. I have others. Do you have a picture of what you are looking for?
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