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  1. Ok, since this generated so much activity, I'll provide "some" details. Off the board, I responded to an ad asking about something else i saw in the picture. The response was, buy the item and I'll tell you. I responded that i could not afford the item but was looking for some help with some information. Information that might help me. The response was, sorry can't help. Hence the sad day. I will not give names and yes I should not have come here with this but it just rubbed me very wrong when normally people in this group are helpfull even off this board. One of the worse things about this is that there were others, also on this board, that agreed with/supported the response. Anyone interested in helping me, I will share what I need in a PM. Sorry Steve if I broke some FAQ board etiquette guidelines.
  2. I remember when this 02 community was about helping each other. That has gone to hell. Sorry but it's how I feel. I will not share the details publicly.
  3. Like a lot of online retailers, Griot's has gone virtual. On last weekend's event with guest host Chris Jacobs, 02s took best story and best in show. 02 coverage starts at 1hr 30min mark.
  4. I've heard different points of view on the first 1000 miles. If around town is better, what changes happen to the motor if perhaps 800 of those first miles are on the highway? Stuart
  5. GM - Reinstalling all 3 grill sections after a restoration. So I never really took a close look at the center kidney but to my old eyes, one end is a tad wider then the other? If so, does the wider portion go up or down? Finding it a challenge to get the side sections to sit in flush on the section just outside the headlight and the hook on the outside seems like I will need an extra set of hands to get it back in. Last question, does the hook face to outside or to the center, or does it matter? Thanks, Stuart
  6. Having a motor rebuild done on a 73. Flywheel is bad and can't afford a factory unit. Too expensive. Mine has cracks and some bad teeth. I need a good used flywheel. 228mm variety for a 69-73 carb or tii version. I'm in the CA Bay Area. Thanks, Stuart
  7. Has anyone on here used this guy to restore your grill pieces? From a picture it looks like good work. Only asking as I'd be sending my grill out of the country so I get nervous. He is on FB and his name is Logan Neet. Stuart
  8. Looking for a set of 4 stock tii steel rims, 5.5x13. Prefer true, unbent, used set. I will clean up and have powder coated. I have a nice set of hubcaps waiting for them. I'm in the SF Bay Area. Thanks, Stuart
  9. The owner of that car is here in San Jose and yes they are a very nice set of H&B rims. I'm very sure he would share his set up.
  10. Anyone have one they could sell? Desperate. Stuart
  11. Anyone from the South Bay want to drive up together? Stuart
  12. If the current or past owner of this 75 is on here, can you please send me the tire size as well as the ET for these 15x7 BBS RS rims? Thanks,
  13. I wish I had the $750 each month to do this with you. I don't do a lot of my own wrenching like you do but it would be nice to have the option. What are the chances of renting some shelf space to store parts?
  14. I have fuel and I have spark but it won't catch. Thoughts? Stuart
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