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  1. If the current or past owner of this 75 is on here, can you please send me the tire size as well as the ET for these 15x7 BBS RS rims? Thanks,
  2. Stuart

    Shared shop space

    I wish I had the $750 each month to do this with you. I don't do a lot of my own wrenching like you do but it would be nice to have the option. What are the chances of renting some shelf space to store parts?
  3. I have fuel and I have spark but it won't catch. Thoughts? Stuart
  4. Stuart

    Door seals

    Have the URO seals in our 73 and it takes a serious slam to shut the doors. The URO seals are almost a 1/2" thicker and more firm. Bought a set of used OE seals and will install them instead.
  5. Stuart

    Rim Widening

    So what ever I do, I want to still use the standard hubcap on the face and have a 6x13 rim. The face needs to look like this with the pictured hubcap when it's all said and done: Possible or not?
  6. Stuart

    Rim Widening

    All – I would like to take a set of stock Kronprinz 4.5x13 et35 and widen them to 6x13 keeping the face the same so I can use stock hubcaps. Instead of new barrels, Stockton Wheel says it will add 1.5” of material to the middle of the existing barrel section of the rim. Doing this will move the inner edge of the rim and the tire closer to the shock tower both front and back. How can I know if I have room for that addition if it all goes on the back side of the rim? If it ends up too close, can I use longer lug bolts and spacers? Thanks, Stuart
  7. Stuart

    WTB- used set of OE door moulding

    I have to slam the door hard and that's not good.
  8. My car has aftermarket rubber on both doors. It is thicker than true BMW OE. Looking to remove what I have and replace it with a good set of used OE BMW rubber. Stuart
  9. Stuart

    74 tii Warm Start Issue

    Carl - Thank you for the link.
  10. Stuart

    74 tii Warm Start Issue

    Thanks. Will check both. Someone else mentioned "vapor lock". Can someone explain this and tell me how you would address it? Thanks, Stuart
  11. Stuart

    74 tii Warm Start Issue

    Is this something I should have done a search for or am I missing something real simple. It started right up after sitting for a few hours.
  12. Cold it starts. After a short amount of driving/the engine is at normal running temp, it will not. Cranks like a mother but will not catch. Tried no throttle, half throttle. full throttle. Pulled the cold start connector, same sequence and still no go. I have spark. I tested it. I have smelled gas during the tries with the cold start connector pulled. Thoughts??? Stuart
  13. I will have the following parts for sale at the Swap & Show this weekend. Let me know if you are interested in any of them. MIMs 4 15x7 et25 rims. 2 have brand new SDrive 195/50/15 and 2 have brand new SDrive 205/50/15 $1,350/what I have in them. Seats from a 74 $300 for both: Used Saddle door cards $100 for both: Open Diff $150 Solex from a 73 $60