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  1. Refinished MIM 15x7 et25 rims. Rather not ship.
  2. There you go. Steve was a wrench at A&E. He was let go. Many years later he came back and bought A&E. He worked on our first 02 and my parent's 74 3.0cs.
  3. Can you name the person who started his BMW legacy at A&E Performance?
  4. He does nice air cleaners as well. The base plate has the velocity stacks built in.
  5. This is a TJP product. Custom 3D machined billet aluminum. Instagram @timjasonperformance. Website timjasonperformance.com

  6. Road trip with my brother. California to North Dakota. Lots of open road. Only 2 tickets. One in North Dakota and the other in Montana. They set up a road block for me in Montana as the first guy knew he could not catch me going up the pass. The road block, on the other side of the pass, was a single Bronco blocking both lanes. He said he was happy I stopped because there was no way he would have caught me in his Bronco.
  7. I have others. Do you have a picture of what you are looking for?
  8. I have a set of MIM 15x7 et25s. Completely restored. Silver lip, gold center. Email me for pictures. [email protected] Stuart
  9. Ok, since this generated so much activity, I'll provide "some" details. Off the board, I responded to an ad asking about something else i saw in the picture. The response was, buy the item and I'll tell you. I responded that i could not afford the item but was looking for some help with some information. Information that might help me. The response was, sorry can't help. Hence the sad day. I will not give names and yes I should not have come here with this but it just rubbed me very wrong when normally people in this group are helpfull even off this board. One of the worse things about this is that there were others, also on this board, that agreed with/supported the response. Anyone interested in helping me, I will share what I need in a PM. Sorry Steve if I broke some FAQ board etiquette guidelines.
  10. I remember when this 02 community was about helping each other. That has gone to hell. Sorry but it's how I feel. I will not share the details publicly.
  11. Like a lot of online retailers, Griot's has gone virtual. On last weekend's event with guest host Chris Jacobs, 02s took best story and best in show. 02 coverage starts at 1hr 30min mark.
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