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  1. Anyone from the South Bay want to drive up together? Stuart
  2. What tire size are you running on your 15x7 et 25 rims? 

  3. until

    I wish. Heading to Tahoe for Labor Day. Have fun.
  4. until

    Will come if I don't go to the Reno Air Races. P51s doing almost 500 mph racing wing tip to wing tip is lots of fun!
  5. until

    Leaving for vacation in Croatia that day. Sorry.
  6. 2002Scoob - On my old 4 speed trans my anatomic, non Roundel badged shifter, would rotate. On my 5 speed it is in a fixed position. I will consider a lighter wood as contrast is good. Thanks Stuart
  7. What to consider when selecting a shift knob? I already know that I want something with the anatomic shape as I like the feel of it as I shift and I would like wood, but what do you consider when selecting a light or a dark wood? The door cards and seats are Marine blue, the steering wheel is black leather. Should the shift knob match the steering wheel? Here is a shot of my interior: I'll do a Roundel instead of shift pattern. Here are some options I'm considering:
  8. 363 days until the next one. The cars are the "why" the people are the "reason" we get together. It was nice to catch up with some old friends and see a few nice cars at the same time. Be well. Stuart
  9. Will be there as well. Bringing the complete fleet for the first time. Stuart.
  10. Just removed. Needs sycro work for 1st gear. $400. Will have at the May 6th Swap & Show in Brisbane. Stuart
  11. Will have a serviceable 4 speed from a 74tii for sale at the Swap & Show. 1st gear syncros will need work. Asking $400. Stuart
  12. Dave - I need another piece of belt line trim for my 72 and all the corresponding mounting pieces. On the passenger side, I would like the piece right behind the door. Not the trunk. Stuart
  13. The sub itself or the sub enclosure? If you want the enclosure then "eurotrash"/Jason is your man!
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