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Just Goes "click".

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I recently had my starter motor rebuilt.  Man! What a difference.  Engine turns over rapidly and car starts well.


Over the last week I turn the key and got a "click" every so often.  When it does turn over the starter works normally.


Today it clicks almost everytime I turn the key.  Luckily I got it home.


I checked most cables and couldn't find anything loose.


Solenoid or bad ground somewhere?


Opinions please.

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p1k:  I checked all my grounds.  The only culprit might be the battery post connection was semi-loose.  With some effort I could remove the clamp.  I've since tightened and driven the car.  Has started every time. Hmmm.


I stopped in at the shop that rebuilt my starter and found out that the solenoid is brand new, BUT may still be the problem.  They are prepared to replace at no cost.  Nice guy.


The only other unknowns are the connections before the solenoid.  Key switch, wiring, and activation wire attached to the solenoid.


I haven't been under the dash yet, but if it clicks ONE MORE TIME, I'm looking at the key switch, and taking the starter back to the shop.


Thanks for replying.  Nice to know that it could still be a bad connection somewhere.



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I've been driving for a few days now and not symptoms.

Battery negative terminal was the culprit. 99% sure.

Mike: You're absolutely right. It's worth cleaning both the posts and the clamps to create a perfect connection. Amazing that metal to metal with a bit of oxidation inbetween can cause a fault.

Clean your terminals guys!

Showoff07: To be certain check the key switch behind the ignition. 2 screws can get loose or the switch could be toast. The female inserts will look burnt if it's suspect. Once I had the screws come loose and nothing when I turned the key. Otherwise check your activation wire connected to the lower connector on the solenoid. Make sure it's clean and tight. It might be time for a rebuild or replacement starter. Good luck.


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