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IE Exhaust Part 2


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And Ace, I was referring to the slippage, which is still an issue.. The OP here made that clear with the extent of the work he went to to remedy it.

I'm not trying to unsell your product, bark at the OP. In fact, I even reinvested in one of the 'new' tail sections. (YEP) That's how much I want this to work!

It's been in my garage for a year, hanging on the wall.. Because on the stock hangers, it's not even close. It points to the diff on the inboard end, and presses the muffler into the gas tank. -not to mention the tail pipe. I sent someone in the IE camp pics and they had no explanation, said "...take it to a shop that can bend it. They all need work to fit correctly." ?!? After the redesign, one would assume a clean fit, right?!. I was going to buy the center section next, but I just have been dealing with what I have.

Individual experiences may vary.

Euro, I'm not sure who here you talked with (I don't get the general email, which is why I list my direct email on here). Please email me directly, I really would like to do some more digging on your setup. According to the OP, his issue was to fix the rubbing of the pipe on the subframe, which is what I thought I addressed. The issue with your car seems to be rather more fundamental.

Don't you ever get tired of defending the Ireland stuff? I have some things from you guys and i am happy with the quaility. But when someone has problems or issues with your products and lets everyone else know about it, the last thing I want to read is an IE employee's opinion.

Doug, I was a member on here for some time before I joined IE, in my defense I'm trying to interject a bit of reason/dialogue/perspective from the supplier in a way that is not offensive, over-defensive, or angry (I think it would be unwise to only hear one side of the story before passing judgement, no matter how appealing that may be). I am painfully aware of the fact this doesn't make me the most popular guy sometimes.

The root of the problem is that when someone does post something in regards to an issue on here, the real issue can be often hidden by lack of understanding (often unintentional), conveying problems via a message board, and/or general frustration (around the part or car in question). My intent is not to defend an IE part, but to help find a solution to the problem. I do this on a daily basis via email/phone in an effort to make my presence as an IE employee on here to a minimum. If there is a better way to handle this please feel free to let me know.

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Back to topic and fitment....

In this video

at 6:04 the rear exhaust is shown.

Is this how it was supposed to be from the factory? The pipe is hanging way down and can be noted in the profile shot too....

should I mount my IE exhaust end like that too?

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