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  1. austinmf


  2. I sold my 2002. I have left over parts... reasonable offers.... complete engine with a 32/36 carb has clutch and flywheel (215mm) 2 steering boxes lots of misc parts two pieces of bmw trim new in bag screws, hardware drivers tinted window two clear rear windows 3 dashboards all cracked 2 74 tan seats in bad condition 1 rear panel for a 75-76 car. Rear section where license plate goes 1 74 rear muffler 2 differentials. 3.90 open and a 3.64 open 1 cv joint axel lots of misc parts.... one head one frozen block...pump should be good one brand new double row cam gear NOS tan door panels rear misc stuff.... prefer local sale but will ship flywheel front rotors from Tii Location: austin, tx
  3. Selling my 1974 2002Tii. vin 2782194 Car was completely dismantled and rebuilt. Has 3000 miles on the suspension and interior. Has all the good stuff with lots of spare parts. 1974 2002tii. Repainted Turkis Original motor was removed and replaced with a later model rebuilt model sporting a 292 cam and 9.5 Mahle pistons. About 30000 miles on the motor rebuild. Only running amsoil. New chain, chain tensioner, rocker springs, etc replaced at the time of the rebuild. Tii brakes including BMW front rotors, rear drums and pads. New e brake cables. New rotors and rebuilt calipers and new BMW master cylinder with new stainless braided brake lines and running Super Blue brake fluid. New 228mm clutch, throw out bearing, clutch cylinder and stainless braided clutch line 3.91 limited slip diff 5 speed manual transmission new suspension including urethane bushings, sway bars (ST 21mm & 19mm) new bilstein HD shocks, Korman Roadsport springs BMW rear diff hanger bushings, new center bushing and guibo along with new BMW bolts. New BMW speedometer cable New BMW speedometer matching the 3.91 diff for a 2 mile difference at 70 mph checked via GPS. New BMW Stainless steel rocker trim and clips on all trim. Clardy AC system (not installed) with a brand new Sanden 508 compressor, 10x18 parallel condenser and 12" fan all installed. Just needs new AC hoses. AC pulley is mounted and ready. AC bracket is a new Clardy Style and is mounted on the engine and ready for the compressor. Ireland Engineering Exhaust (stainless) Megasquirt II 3.57 fuel injection system with DIYauto tune sensors, relay board and harness (all factory built) Five O Motorsport 24lb injectors 02Again Ceramic header 02Again EDIS 36 tooth wheel 02Again VR sensor New jeep stepper motor New TPS sensor with a spare New oxygen sensor Bluedevil rebuilt seat belts front and rear with new webbing and rebuilt mechanisms along with spares. Shoulder belts for 4 people. New rear window latches. 318i intake manifold 325s throttle body 13" FPS bottle cap wheels (option on 74-76 02's) (have 5 actually) bridgestone potenza 185/70/13 tires with 3000 miles on them New trim on car Brand new BMW windshield Cibie H4 headlights (daniel Stern) New Cocoa Mats front and rear World Upholstery german wool carpet set Dynamat sound and heat deadening mat on entire interior compartment Excellent tan interior New BMW headliner excellent glass and mirros Euro bumpers and the original bumpers all new lines and hoses new fuel pump for fuel injection excellent condition lenses for rear tail lights and front turn signals new BMW badge 2 Tii clocks Crack free dash with one flaw wood shift knob New Nardi wood steering wheel with Nardi prestige horn button New BMW gaskets for all windows, trunk, doors and front and rear windshield. Air horn Custom wire relay harness for headlights (running 80/100w bulbs with city light option) custom laminex clear coating on headlights to prevent stone chips. lots of extra parts new Hirschmann antenna New larger 320i radiator with BMW blue radiator fluid New Graf water pump and spare. New BMW hoses and thermostat. Horsehair padding replaced on drivers side Odyssey Gel battery under rear seat Spare motor and 3.90 open diff included as well as numerous spare parts Location: Round Rock Year: 1974 Make: BMW Model: 2002Tii
  4. Rebuilt the front gear box with the ireland kit. It was a little worn but good. The front is not binding at all. Its when I make a hard left, the rear wants to swing around, doesnt feel like a smooth linear shift. It is abrupt. Brand new rear bilsteins and brand new korman roadsport springs...(ireland was out of stage 1 at the time and I was in a hurry...) I dont think the shock would bind but I might switch them. I cannot see anything that looks off and jacking the car and tugging the wheel is not revealing any play in the trailing arm or the bearing. I but new bearings in the rear along with the Jesus nut torque to death nut.
  5. Havent pulled anything but the side I am having an issue with seems like the rear spring is not seating... using a 1 dot spring pad. I am almost thinking that spring is shifting off the pad on hard turns. Springs are Korman Roadsports... All the bushings are brand new. I did not pretension anything before assembling. I dropped the entire rear subframe and rebuilt it. Nothing seems amiss but something is. It is only on one side. I had it aligned by a local shop and they checked all 4 wheels although I did not keep the spec sheet. It drives and tracks straight.. just does not like to turn left...
  6. Oddly, the only 02 I have ever driven is the one I bought. The suspension was shot so I replaced it with new bilsteins, Korman roadsport springs, urethane bushings and st sways bars (22/19) Add a 3.91 lsd with a 5 speed. On hard left turns, the rear end moves. Not really out but almost like the tire direction changed, like 4 wheel steering. Right hand turns seem fine. Is this the way the car handles? It almost does not feel safe. I am going to get the local guys to drive it... still prepping waivers.... anyway, is this part of the LSD or the characteristic of this car?
  7. Did you add oil to the system prior to start up? My ac guy is telling me to all oil to the compressor, evaporator and condenser prior to a recharge. I have a clardy system. And a new sanden 508
  8. Did we figure out which one was the one to have? Any difference since it fits where the sender was and there is not baffle like the Tii pickup area is? Does it go all the way to the bottom of the tank? I am hating the loud buzz of the external pumps... I cannot even hear the exhaust!!!
  9. Did the diff mount fix anything? I have the same issue... similar looking camber in the rear
  10. I have one from Tom too. I mounted and aluminum plate on it and mounted my coil to the plate. Millers mule carries them although it was a lot cheaper to tap and thread the plug
  11. Great story and info! Keep us posted! Congrats on a GREAT FIND!
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