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Classic car carriers really don't like hearing that your car might be used for any kind of regular duty. I have American Collectors which I got through USAA and as far as they know I only pleasure drive my 02. It has certainly never seen my office parking lot. ;)

Grundy, Hagerty and American Collectors (not to mention others) have their pros and cons. I would try again with another company. Just be judicious with the facts and read the fine print as to coverage.


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I got very affordable "agreed value" insurance on the F Bomb about a month ago through Erie Insurance. Even before the upgrade to a $6k value policy, they were super reasonable. It's my second car used for pleasure use (that's important to them), but I'm allowed to actually drive it.

I sent my agent photos of the car - telling her I had no plans on making it pretty, but that mechanically it was near 100%. She said that in their books a tii is easily $6=7k on the low end. (really? wow! ok!)

I'm in to the car for about $4900, so I'm satisfied with the coverage. My worst fear was being rear ended by another car and having THEIR insurance total it for $700. This way my insurance company can battle it out with them, in such an event. My deductible is about $500.....and we ALL know that's nothing more than a headlight grill or bumper end....so I ain't sweatin' it.

Let's hope I never have to test this coverage.

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I have state farm agreed value on my daily 2002 and ANPAC chrome on my project 02 and my 240Z. ANPAC allows occasional trips to the office and other general driving because "they are meant to be driven and enjoyed."-according to my agent. Thus far they've been great to deal with but I've never had to file a claim.

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