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  1. echoing some comments with a bit of contradiction. when I was young and broke with a flux core mig welder I successfully cut apart a cast iron turbo manifold in two pieces to clock a wastegate location 180 degrees. after I cut the manifold I did grind a pretty deep bevel on both parts. I threw the manifold pieces in a domestic oven at 500 degrees for an hour, pulled it out and immediately welded the two pieces back together again, then threw it back in the oven for another hour before slowly turning down the oven temp over the next few hours. that manifold was on my car for over a decade with the weight of a wastegate and exhaust hanging off of it. worked for me at the time but if I had to do it all over again I'd find a shop to braze it after I drill stopped it.
  2. I don't know why I want this or what I'd do with it, but I'll take one anyway!
  3. Nice! Thanks for the heads-up...that was the excuse I needed to I finally pony up for an innovate LM-2.
  4. Oh yeah, I'm on the list. I have some serious weekend time limitations that prevent me from being able to set aside a half a day for a pleasure cruise. SA C&C is about as good as it gets since I'm usually wrapped up by 9:30am or so....one day that'll change and I'll bring one of the '02's out. I believe I've met Eddie once briefly, now that I'm remembering, his car was the one single 2002 I've seen out at SA C&C. There's a beautiful black round tail light in my neighborhood as well as three round tails two blocks over. On top of that I saw a white bumperless square tail bomb my street just last week. They're out there! I found that the typical SA attitude of "mañana" persist throughout every social atmosphere and people just tend to stick to themselves. I've written several notes and made more than a few phone calls to the guy a few blocks away but never heard back. (image attached, has ti badging but all the wrong parts)
  5. I'm in SA as well. While there are some really nice '02's down here, you rarely see them out and about or congregating together since there isn't any one stepping into a leadership role for classic euro cars. If you wanted to talk air filters with some corvettes, mustangs or camaros you could easily find that two -three times a week. Occasionally you'll see one out at cars and coffee on the second Saturday of every month...it might even be yours! The weather has been so crummy this fall and winter that I haven't taken anything out to C&C since October but I'm hoping that the lousy Smarch weather takes a break.
  6. Bump. Still have the box-o-webers, radiators, one fan, etc...see edited add above.
  7. Gotcha, I'll be testing it tonight and will get back with you.
  8. Fan works as far as I know, Can test it in the next few days No brackets beyond the ones attached to the air cleaner. I only have the valve box that attaches to the radiator support.
  9. Cleaning out the shop this weekend while completing old projects and making way for new ones. Have some spares I’ll likely never use. Please see image below: heater box, with cables, fan and new neoprene seals, needs some cleaning and minor crack repairs. Unit was cleaned and pressure tested and checks out. $150 shipped. SOLD Original 1973 flywheel in great shape- $80 shipped. SOLD Two radiators, one from my 72 which was working fine with no leaks and one untested from my 73. 140$ shipped for the 73 and 100$ shipped for the 73. two red plastic fans. One is a nicer unit with thicker plastic and the other is a thinner version. Both have BMW part numbers on them. 40$ shipped each. 1 SOLD, lighter version still available original 1969 2002 air cleaner - 60$ shipped IE distributed with new pertronix, less than 3k on the IE dizzy - pertronix has never been used. 110$ shipped SOLD AC condensor fan from my 73, tested and works. 80$ shipped Box of three Weber downdraft 32/36. All parts are there, were disassembled for cleaning and rebuilding and never made it. 160$ shipped for all 3. all prices OBO, all shipping is in the CONUS, all others inquire.
  10. Weekend bump. Please don’t make me buy another car just for these wheels.
  11. Would I drive across the country multiple times on these tires? No. Would I take my 02 across the country multiple times? No. Would I drive on these tires to and from work or to my local park or on other short pleasure cruises in a way and manner in which 90% of classic cars are used? Sure, absolutely. Package is priced accordingly, thanks for your comments.
  12. Sure, I get that. They're so small and light I'd think that 60$ would cover it.
  13. I have three very cool 13x6 MOMO wheels for sale. Was going to search for a fourth and make a set to use but have moved in another direction and these are just sitting as "cool parts" in my shop. I don't know what the offset is but do know there were on a hot rodded 74 Tii for years and years. Time to move on! Asking 200$ plus shipping.
  14. 4 nearly new Axis OG-SAN mesh wheels with tires, spacers, lug nuts and BMW centercaps Specs: Front - 2 - 15x7 ET35 with a 10mm spacer with 195/50/15 Dunlop Direzza tires Rear - 2 - 15x8 ET25 No spacer with 205/50/15 Dunlop Direzza tires I purchased these for my 73 project car and they sat for around a year until I bought my 72 which already had some old school Enkie wheels. I installed these on my 72 and used them for about three days with no rubbing or other issues with KYB struts and Eibach springs. I decided that I should keep them for the project they were meant for and they sat for another few years rotating from my closet to my garage and back again as I test fit them on my 73 to try and motivate me to actually work on the thing. The time has come to let these go as I am no closer to getting the 73 on the road and these are too nice to sit. One tire has a broken bead from a botched install so a replacement will need to be found but even though these tires have some years of sitting they have plenty of life left in them. I put these on my 72 this weekend just to be sure I was ready to part with them and they drive just fine....again, you'll need one new tire on the back as it will not hold air for long due to the broken tire bead. Asking $800.00 plus shipping OBO. I would prefer not to ship as my schedule is pretty loaded but will certainly do so if desired.

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