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  1. Hey Marshall i am planning to head down Thursday. Probably in the afternoon. I am pulling in red eye from CA around 9 am keep,me posted. 3013189389 K
  2. YaadehShahin


    Hey Jim is there a web site where SN database can be pulled ? thanks K
  3. Hi Jim i have 1600 miles so far after the vintage engine hums nicley K
  4. Jim I will be attending this year and plan to drive down early AM on Friday (66 to 81 and then 77 route). Send me a text 3013189389. I have 2 res at clarion. A buddy of mine may be canceling kourosh
  5. Pm sent for high beam stalk and flashers stalks 


  6. Hi Edward i know guise ad is old, but are these still available ? K
  7. Stebro great thank you. My header is 51mm can you check your stebro diameters too please thanks k
  8. I Have seen a m3 parked with a little front damage that is just sitting in the elements. Been sitting for about couple of years, Needs saving or may be a perfect cannobalization project for you if interested , I go and leave note on it location Gaithersburg pm me k
  9. Anyone know where one can buy the seat stuffing ?
  10. WTB new WORM gear pn 32111108744 please IM Thanks K
  11. Thanks Jim its running great Next I need to upgrade exhaust system before vintage K

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