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  1. Hey folks I am excited and glad to read this article with so much good info. so I have found a 1600. It has an 02 engine. It was a estate sale and my friend has it. it was a racer so interior is not original. Engine sounds strong. Glass looks good. Couple of rust spots here and there. Chrome is patina original color was Bristol. Whats your thoughts on paint Inca or Colorado ? Looking for good advise. k man
  2. Hey Marshall i am planning to head down Thursday. Probably in the afternoon. I am pulling in red eye from CA around 9 am keep,me posted. 3013189389 K
  3. YaadehShahin


    Hey Jim is there a web site where SN database can be pulled ? thanks K
  4. Hi Jim i have 1600 miles so far after the vintage engine hums nicley K
  5. Jim I will be attending this year and plan to drive down early AM on Friday (66 to 81 and then 77 route). Send me a text 3013189389. I have 2 res at clarion. A buddy of mine may be canceling kourosh
  6. Pm sent for high beam stalk and flashers stalks 


  7. Hi Edward i know guise ad is old, but are these still available ? K
  8. Stebro great thank you. My header is 51mm can you check your stebro diameters too please thanks k
  9. I Have seen a m3 parked with a little front damage that is just sitting in the elements. Been sitting for about couple of years, Needs saving or may be a perfect cannobalization project for you if interested , I go and leave note on it location Gaithersburg pm me k
  10. Anyone know where one can buy the seat stuffing ?
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