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Help! door lock cylinder snapped


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I was locking my door on the weekend and took the key out to find the whole lock cylinder came out with it. :(

I've found some used door handles online, but not sure of their condition.

Anyone have a door lock cylinder in good condition available for purchase?

I'm in Adelaide, Australia but can pay postage costs etc.



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Yeah mine did that two years ago. I found a set of used handles but have not gotten around to installing & re-keying them. I only drive mine a few times a month so I lock & unlock from the right side (passenger side over here). Just plain lazyness on my part!

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countersunk screw that holds the lock cylinder in the door handle's push button; when it backs out what you described happens.

Remove the door upholstery, then the door handle and finsh around down inside the door for the screw, a lever and a small torsion spring--hopefully none fell out the door''s drain holes. If you lose the screw, you should be able to find another at a hardware store--the spring & lever, not so much.

Anyway, you''ll have to fiddle a bit to get the screw, spring and lever back together correctly--there are lots of ways to get ''em wrong, but only one right way. Make sure the push button pops back out when you press it, and that the lever contacts the latch mechanism when unlocked, and doesn''t when it''s locked, before you put everything back together.

And put a little Locktite on the screw threads so it won''t happen again. mike

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Pretty easy fix. The screw came out along with the lever...
countersunk screw that holds the lock cylinder in the door handle's push button; when it backs out what you described happens.

Thanks guys but it seems you did not read the subject. I guess a picture of the cylinder would have helped. The cylinder has snapped at the end, thats why I'm asking for a new one.

Looks just like the lower one on zeebuck's site:


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I happen to have the same problem! It's impossible to find tumbler housing as some readers have suggested.

Does anyone just happen to have extra door lock cylinder/tumbler housing or know where i can find one.

 Perhaps a repair kit. I'm in San Francisco



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I had the same problem when I got my 74. Swapped a used cylinder from a passenger side handle. If you are in the Bay Area try double 02 salvage in Hayward. I have never not found what I needed there. There number is +1 (510) 782-2002 and I am pretty sure they ship.

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I've had very similar issues with my locks as well.  I kept replacing them and unfortuantely, I have not been able to find any one just selling the cylinder itself.  I've had to buy the entire passenger side door handle.


When I replaced the last one, about 4 months ago, I decided to take a look at the door lock mechanisim on the inside of the door.  I removed it from the inside of the door, and cleaned off the 40 years of rock hard grease.  Once all of that was removed, I used graphite to lubricate it and put it back in.  The locks work very smoothly now.  No binding at the key, like before, which was what was breaking the cylinders, in my case.

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