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  1. Glad to hear that $$$$ changed hands. Hope you get made whole again.
  2. As an avid cyclist in one of the scariest states to ride in (Florida), I see daily the risk cyclist take. He is another in a large list of fatal bicycle - car "accidents" so far this year. http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/michele-scarponi-killed-in-training/ A massive loss totally sick over it.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/2002underground/ Wow nice subframe!
  4. http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-suspension-steering/adjcmbkit-lock.html About 6 years ago I purchased the full set and asked the same question about why the two eccentrics did not lock togeter . Shortly after the "new" improved version came out.
  5. Be SUPER careful removing and reinstalling the top chrome strips and felt. I used a dowel and a small hammer to tap them out even, do not bend them! Also replace door handle gaskets. Those grommets everyone is telling you to replace, be careful and work them in last with a little grease. I did mine and now it is much more solid and sounds good when closed. Buy pre cut panels from Aardvark well worth it. I used about 50 medium binder clips to hold down the vinyl for glue. Also it is super hard to find the 1/8th inch staples so good luck there.
  6. When I relocated the battery to the trunk I freed up some space for the catch can and the window washer fluid tank. Ebay catch can from a Porsche guy.
  7. In today's market I would think a dry mostly rust free car would bring at least $3500. I hope.
  8. I will take the belt trim clip bundle. Please let me know how to get he transaction initiated. Mike R
  9. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/these-are-the-11-most-hardcore-cars-going-to-auction-in-february/ar-AAmeCPA?li=BBnb7Kz#page=3
  10. If you have the rear sub-frame out and are using lowering springs you may want to install toe-in and camber adjustment tabs while you have the chance. Camber will be 2-3 degrees off when you put the weight on the new suspension. Also welded in engine mount re-enforcement plates are needed. I have strut bars front and rear with a battery relocation in the trunk. I think the front makes a big improvement and I don't see how the rear would not help. For the price compared to all the hardware you are buying I think they are worth considering
  11. That's what was said at the meet by the owner. It had all the earmarks of truth. Red cluster in dash, 240 kph speedo, all looked like original Turbo and a "tanker" gas tank with like 2.5 extra gallon capacity.
  12. So an informal meet at a local bmw shop turned into a 2002 show with a real Turbo in attendance. I myself have never seen one in person it was a nice surprise.
  13. If you contact German Motor Works in Longwood ask Debbie or Jim if they know of any cars for sale as they are the most knowledgeable shop in the area. I know they have at least 5 2002's there. If they are for sale is another question as some are customer's cars and they own 3 or 4 too

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