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  1. Happy with mine, I moved an oil overflow tank (not shown in pic) and my window washer up to that spot.
  2. I say it is a matter of taste. Some think they are always right in disrespecting others opinions. I like mine just fine. I do have a new set of General Altamax tires with a lower aspect ratio to give the same relative size as stock no problems with the speedometer.
  3. would you price out the sun shades? Are there 2 new (R&L)?
  4. So I found the receipt and it was back in 2009 so the price was was what it was. closer to 1900 but I got some brake work done and I supplied all the parts so IE tab kit, bushings, gaskets etc. are added on more realistic now!
  5. I had my guy here in Orlando drop the sub frame and replace all bushings, added toe-in and camber adjustment refresh and re seal diff and paint the whole thing. I think it was around $1000.
  6. Yikes! to bad the car needs a few $$$ worth of rust repair. And an interior, paint and I assume a tune up, plus "brakes don't work" for good measure. GLWTS
  7. Does this seem like a low price?? Just ask'n since prices have been leveling out lately https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Vu8TBGxQmOTSa-nk_jR8Z_vKi0Y0Vax9?fbclid=IwAR1pSeqR4WpUjpii1J9d0FAMY0MTi_fdv6Q6znvge8HOioAdDhl9QtmIII4 And This for $22121 us!! For sale: Newly restored Chamonix white 1974 1602 with 2002ti/121ti engine, 45 Weber’s, 4-speed, tii hubs with vented discs. Bilstein adjustable shocks, full roll cage. Built on a completely rust free shell, still has the screw in plugs in the floor. 7x13” Compomotive 3-piece wheels and new 8x15” Rota wheels. Sold with one Sparco race seat and harness if you like. For inspection etc the original seat belts are in the car. Runs very well. 20.000€ Located in 2840 Holte Denmark. PM
  8. Glad to hear that $$$$ changed hands. Hope you get made whole again.
  9. Glad to see you back at it! the set I got from you 10 years ago is still in use!
  10. I don't see how $20,000 + would even be a consideration on a car that well restored. Can't be less than $40,000 in work so far.
  11. Mine is cut & welded on to accommodate the hanger move. My shop did it when I had a new ANSA resonator & muffler put on. I assume since it was one of the first things I did back in 2004 when I purchased it that I over paid for it. However it is the exact same muffler and the move does not look like those "improvised" mounts pictured. They cut off the existing metal mount from the muffler and moved it so it looks clean & attaches securely. So far it has lasted 15 years. Picture is the best I have
  12. Look for my posts on the subject as well.
  13. https://bringatrailer.com/2018/06/21/why-we-love-them-bmw-2002/
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