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  1. I just had my speedometer repaired/rebuilt through Palo Alto Speedo (http://www.paspeedo.com). They also converted my clock to a quartz mechanism so it works again. They definitely know what they are doing. I also had the speedo cable replaced. The other speedo repair shop that I have heard does great work is North Hollywood Speedo (https://www.nhspeedometer.com), but they don't do quartz conversions, so everything went to PAS. As for ground wires, my mechanic added an additional ground wire to the instrument cluster as it is a pretty common "upgrade." Unfortunately since I didn't do the repair, I couldn't tell you what is involved, but if you have a good indy shop, they should know about the procedure, or maybe there is a post here. Good luck!
  2. Hi Chris - I have a new but original style badge (metal that has been painted/enameled) on my car, and I asked my mechanic about this exact issue before he retired. Originally, the badge would have been shiny, including the black, but the paint used back then would oxidize. Fast forward 48 years, you get the emblem in the picture! The front badge is available (51145480181) as is the rear for a '72 (51141801560). These should be the "raised metal" versions (I know for sure the front is the correct part number since that is what I bought and have). You can also repaint them using Testors model enamel paint.
  3. @John_in_VA You are absolutely correct about that, that is the one difference compared to the original. The funny thing is I mentioned that to them 8 years ago when I got these covers, and it was "news" to them, but clearly not if you noticed it 20+ years ago. I will say I am happy with them, especially since the whole car was done, so everything matches. Ask for Janet, she knows our cars well.
  4. Larry - I didn't get my car back today, there was one more thing my mechanic had to do, so hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday I can get some close ups for you. I did my seats about 8 years ago, and at the time, I got the BMW OEM seat "pads" for about $90 a piece - sadly, they are considerably more now. The pads are rubberized horsehair, but they don't use actual hair, it's like a sprayed rubber, there might be some natural fiber in it too. They are actually what provides the shape of the seat, so be careful if you get a roll of rubberized horsehair from an upholstery supply, as that will be even in thickness, and won't shape the seat to match the upholstery. But the aforementioned post addresses that issue. A good upholstery shop will be able to carve foam to shape the seat, but the horsehair gives an authentic feel! For the rear seat, the pads have been NLA for years, but the shape of the seat makes using foam or rubberized horsehair super easy, I speak from experience on that one as well. Here are the part numbers for the pads: 52111824773 - Left lower seat pad (cushion) 52111824774 - Right lower seat pad (back rest) 52111824775 - Left back seat pad (cushion) 52111824776 - Right back seat pad - NLA, but you can use 52111824775 with a slight modification, and it works just fine.
  5. I have a 74 and used world upholstery with new horsehair padding and it turned out great. It’s a perfect match. I get my car back Monday and will post some pics. Definitely do the whole seat. Old vinyl dries out and will never fit perfect on new pads as vinyl loses its resiliency etc. You will be happy with a full replacement. Depending on your comfort level, you could do it yourself.
  6. When I bought my car, I was told it had a name that could never be changed, and there was a hat from the original owner that had to stay with the car (and it does to this day). This is "Ms. Agnes" and she is a 1974 Automatic, and can be seen in the Academy Award winning film "Milk." She has been in the shop for about a month awaiting a complete overhaul of the steering box (re-machined/rebuilt), and I am looking forward to getting her back on the road! Maybe we will take a trip back to the Legion of Honor if the weather holds up.
  7. Looking for a stock air intake filter housing (double barrel - I have a weber carb) and the brackets that hold the housing. Also need the paper hose that runs from summer/winter box to exhaust manifold.
  8. I couldn't find the grille in my boxes of '02 parts. For some reason, I have one from an E30 though??? Sorry!
  9. Hi Rich, Thanks, but that’s not the part I need - I need the little plastic horn button caps that are on the 4 spokes. But that pad does look nice! Petros
  10. I have one - I will grab a picture of it tonight
  11. Hi, I am looking for a horn button for a 1974 4 spoke steering wheel. Its plastic, trapezoidal, and black. Part #32331110939 (Item 7 here https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=2223-USA-06-1974-114-BMW-2002&diagId=32_0979) If anyone has one laying around, or a worn steering wheel with the buttons still there, please let me know. Petros
  12. I would be interested in these and i am in the bay area. send me a pm.
  13. I will take one please! I have the same brand for my e46 and they work great. Does this one come with the sleeve for storage - keeps it nice and neat! Thanks for doing this!
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