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  1. Thanks everyone for the great debate and suggestions here. If I decide to go the engine swap method, I'm leaning towards that later year M44's as they can produce up to 140 hp, and are relatively inexpensive to purchase. The rebuild might be a different story but..... Unless of course, there's someone out there that wants to trade my relatively rust free California car for a 75 or earlier that's in equal shape.
  2. No smart alec taken. This one is what I have and I've owned it for many years so, it's got a big place in my heart right now. The smog issues, to me, are part of owning the car and, i've accepted them. I want to see what others have done though, what fits nicely and how much more reliability and power they got. I completely understand the requirements that will come from doing this, not opposed to it either. One large detractor to staying with the m10 is that replacement parts for the smog equipment are getting harder and harder to come by. I would ultimately like to go with a mid-90's 4 cylinder motor, with all the smog equipment on it. Unless of course, a six will fit without too much cutting and modification. Anything I do, I want to be able to reverse.
  3. We're starting the restoration on the 2002 in the next few months and I'm starting to plan things out. From a completeness point of view, I'm going to get as close to 100% as possible, with regards to touching every nut, bolt, screw, panel, etc. My intent isn't to make it concourse but just a really nice driver. My question today revolves around the motor. I live in San Diego and my car is a '76 which means that I need to smog it every two years. I have a guy that can pass the sniffer, so long as it passes the visual, which, isn't a bad deal. It usually costs me around five to six hundred dollars to go through the process each time though. I was thinking that since I have to go through that every two years, why not pull the motor and replace it with something that will be rebuilt but much newer. I know that the S14 motor is the unicorn that everyone wants but, what other motors have people swapped out? I don't want extreme power, just good reliability with a bit more modern setup. I know I will still have to go to the state referee to get it through smog and such, but I wanted to see what others have done. Would an M44 motor (the 1.9L 4 cylinder from the Z3) be a good choice? Is there enough room for a 6 cylinder without having to cut things up? I'm interested in hearing your stories and thoughts on the subject. Thanks, Mike
  4. So, I have a '76 here in California and it just came up for registration. I can always get it through smog, that's never been an issue but, I decided instead of going that route this year I will put it on a non-op and begin getting it ready for restoration. I was hoping to have my 914 finished by now but, it's just about to go into paint so we can start putting it back together. This will become my daily driver once it's running solid and I look forward to that day in the near future. Unfortunately, with the 914 not quite done and the 02 now on non-op, I had to go get a temporary truck for the short term. Got a great deal but, it's not the BMW. It's big, it's bulky, it sucks gas and most importantly, it's not unique. One of the things I love about the BMW and the Porsche is their uniqueness. I don't like being "one of the crowd". And I have to say that even know it's only been a couple of weeks now, I REALLY miss driving the car. It will undergo a 100% restoration so, I can't wait for that to be done but as anyone who has done this knows, completion is a few years off. Total bummer. Like I said, excited and bummed out at the same time......
  5. Sorry for your loss! The loss of life and property is horrible. My oldest daughter lived in Paradise for several years so, I have a connection there along with some extended family in Chico. We've been very fortunate here in San Diego County so far. We've had the crazy winds since Saturday, they're still going on right now but seem to be finally tapering off. The power company, SDG&E, shut off the power to a very large portion of the San Diego County "back country" yesterday and it's still out today, in an attempt to avoid downed power lines causing fires. (A situation that has happened more than once in the recent past) I would say about 90% of my little town is down right now, schools, library, etc... are all closed as well.
  6. Not sure if this is the same guy or not but, there's a very similar car in the Carlsbad area of North County San Diego. When I'm driving mine down on the coast Saturday mornings, I see it parked on the cliff's at the beach. I actually pulled out of a spot one day to watch him pull into it. From the limited pics shown, the car and the area appear to be similar.
  7. Awesome, thanks for the info. I didn't make it but, at least it's now on my radar
  8. I've been a member of this board for years but, I still do not know where this is at. If it's close to San Diego, I wouldn't mind stopping by. Let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  9. One of my favorite movies. Everything stops when this one is on tv. Thanks for posting, fun to watch.
  10. That looks REALLY nice. Well done there. I will be starting a full blown restoration on my 76, hopefully this year, and I hope it looks this good. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I ran the blue coil for years, I'm running the Pertronix flamethrower now. Both were run with the Pertronix Ignitor in the distributor. It's impossible to tell the difference, from a drivers point of view because they both seem to do the job very well. I changed to the Pertronix when my mechanic swapped out coils a few months ago. (It was running very hot) As a general statement, he said that he liked the quality of the Flamethrower over the recent Bosch coils he's seen lately. My .02 cents, for what it worth.
  12. I used home window screen spline / retainer: https://www.amazon.com/Prime-Line-Products-7635-Screen-Retainer/dp/B000H5QNEU/ref=asc_df_B000H5QNEU/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=216491680482&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10082348817474973991&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9031319&hvtargid=pla-351214740463&psc=1 Worked great, comes in a variety of sizes and colors, it's pliable and has kept the water out. But, like @Steve Tochi , I live in San Diego and we don't get a whole lot of rain here. :)
  13. Same with San Diego. I've been driving a cross over for the past few days and drove my '76 today and it just felt so damn good!
  14. This was posted by The Werk Shop so I thought I would share https://t.co/Owd63bN70K Some very beautiful cars there.

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