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Are dual Solex 40s crazy to get


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yea - crazy rare

yea - there were 1600 ti motors produced

yea - you'll need the 'small' port intake manifolds because of the 1600

intake port size - not the same as the 2002 intakes

happy hunting


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Guest Anonymous

learned a new one there, had no idea there was any difference between a 1600 ti manifold and 2002ti manifold (but then again never really focused on it either). 2002ti manifolds as well as Solex 40phh's are all over German Ebay - easy to get, not super cheap, but not crazy expensive either.


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I have a 1600 motor in my car and went through the same issue with intake size. Im running a 2002 cannon intake manifold with the 32/36 on it. I ended up using a dremel to open up the intake inlets on the head. Worked great! Did it while the head was on the car too. There is just enough meat left to make a good seal when its all said and done.

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Hi. everyone. i have on my 1600-2 2 Mikunis 44 phh instaled and its running great.

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Right now I'm in the process of stripping the entire car down to nothing. The engine is stock but I plan on doing a cam swap and, obviously, headers. I know it's not the best investment to put money into a 1.6, but I like the idea of a higher revving engine, sounds like fun in the twisties...;-). There's no real rush, I'm just trying to plan the next year, or so, so that I'm not waiting at any stage just to make a decision. Feel free to come by sometime and check it out, I'm in Reseda. Do you ever go to Supercar Sunday in Topanga? I'd love to see some 02's there..

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