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  1. Hi all. I'm throwing out a bunch of crap tomorrow and have 4 regular steel wheels with 3 center caps that I don't need for anything. They're a little rusty, but just need a blasting and could be used no problem. I'm in Reseda and if someone wants them EMAIL me and come by in the morning, otherwise they're going to the dump. Thanks! let me know before 9am if you want them. thanks -Stephen szimpel -at- mac dot com
  2. I used to have a 74' Land Cruiser (my favorite truck ever, RIP) and the IH8MUD forum is awesome. Great community like the FAQ group! You guys should do a 'Bimmers and Cruisers' get together...ha! -Stephen
  3. I appreciate that! I believe it is a crazy deal...but, then again, I didn't do any of this to make money (hell, I doubt any of us do!) I love to build and tinker...maybe I just learned an expensive lesson....do smaller projects to keep me happy! Ha! Thanks guys! Stephen
  4. The engine is awesome! I don't know who ever said they didn't like their dual 40 set up, but there had to be other reasons, like a tired engine or something. I've only driven 400 miles, maybe?, but it's an absolute blast. It really is surprising how powerful she feels. Pulls hard, runs smooth, and is very responsive. Now, with the carbs and intake, I probably have about $4k into the engine (and that was with me doing final assembly) so it is done right, and can fully utilize the carbs on it. It's not a tired old stock M10 with carbs slapped on it. I believe that makes a big difference. Great compression, cam, fully balanced, perfectly rebuilt head, etc all makes it pretty perfect! :-) Feel free to message me if you want to talk more about it. Thanks! Stephen
  5. I'm happy to talk offline about the reserve...ation.:-) shoot me your info and I'll call you, if you want. Thanks! Stephen
  6. Al! I have your belts in the front!! How soon you forget! ;-) The back ones are just manual adjust 3 point belts. There are no lap belts in it. The seat covers are from World upholstery and I like them a lot.. very nice.
  7. Chris, I do like the sound of that! I was wanting to go with Steve last week, but I just haven't gotten enough miles on her yet. We'll see what happens with the ebay thing and let 'the universe' figure it out for me..;-) And yes, I'd love some 13" steelies, but I'd want the Borrani ones that there are almost no tires for...seems crazy to source those, then only have 1 source for tires..ugh. The skinny steelies are cool, but I feel like the handling would be so compromised with the pizza cutter tires on it.. On the other hand, these wheels were on the car when I got it (in really bad shape) and they are insanely lightweight! less than 12lbs! I was loading those and newer steelies into my truck after having the tires taken off and almost threw the wheel over my truck! Again, I'll see what happens this week and I'll try to take that answer as destiny...sold, it was meant to be, not sold, meant to be...;-) Thanks for all the support! What a great community. -Stephen
  8. Appreciate the comments, everybody. Who knows, it may never get up to the reserve anyway. I changed the break-in oil today and picked my son up from school in it and, man, it sure is fun to drive...:-) with the tip top engine and 4:10 rear end, the thing will definitely scoot! Hell, maybe I'll end up with it and drive cross country to the Vintage..ha! -Stephen
  9. Thanks guys...I know, I have really mixed feelings about selling her, but I figured I'd give it one run on ebay and see what happens...I don't know.. strange..
  10. Well, I listed my 69 1600 on ebay... i don't know why, really. I just finished a pretty grueling resto on her and have put about 400 miles on it in the last few weeks. She's a real screamer, but for some reason, my heart's just not in it...:-(. I used to daily drive a 76' for 6 years or so and thought I'd love to restore one now and then I'd be happy forever...I think the process may have burned me out. Anyway, feel free to look at the ad and comment... Hell, if she doesn't sell, I'll probably take that as a sign and get on with enjoying it! Ahhhhh!!! Has anyone else been in a similar position after doing almost two years of work on a car? -Stephen http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/BMW-Other-2-door-1969-BMW-1600-2002-bimmer-classic-02-beemer-2L-/130849918533?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item1e77434e45#ht_2395wt_1182
  11. Thanks Esty! Yes, I definitely know what you're saying...I still can't decide about the black out. The only good thing about it is that, due to the light color, unless it's in a picture, you can't actually see behind the grill in day to day use. I feel like in an old 1600, it feels more correct and clean to leave it as is...in a later car, I could see painting it without as much concern. If decisions like those were the hardest ones I had to make, I be a very happy man...;-) Stephen
  12. Thanks! The wheels are old (80's?) 3pc Hayashi Racing (HRE) that I stripped down and refinished to look a little more period correct. They are amazingly lightweight. The rubber is 195/50 Kumho.
  13. Here are the latest pics! I've gotten to put about 400 miles on the car and finally got the webers dialed in and, man does she wanna go! Of course, now that I'm done (ish) I'm thinking of putting her on ebay and losing my shirt...what the hell is wrong with me? I have a problem being able to just enjoy something...;-( Here are some pics!
  14. Yeah, tough decision. Two years ago I decided to buy a barely running, CA rust free 1600 and do a resto on it myself to help keep costs down. I will tell you, it is unbelievable how fast the costs add up when you are making it brand new again. Unbe-freakin-lievable... If you do a rolling resto, you can spread the costs out over years, but still won't have a real restored car...but it could be really nice. If you take one down and rebuild, be prepared for well over $10k in PARTS alone. Yes. If you have to pay someone to do anything, costs increase exponentially. I'm glad I did a ground up on mine, but it was very taxing on me. I don't mean physically, of course it was tough that way, too, I mean finding time, late nights, early mornings, not working on it because you want to spend time with your family, the amount of mental time it took up was unexpected... I've only put 400 miles on my car since finishing it, too...(and no, it'll never be 'finished') and I have a hard time enjoying it because I'm constantly thinking about every little piece of the car and remembering all the pain along the way! Ha! I've even thought about just selling it to get it out of my head!! Maybe I need to take a step back and give it some time... Sorry to unload all that, I think I had to at some point and hoped it might help another...;-) Feel free to contact off the board if you want more details about my journey -Stephen
  15. Here's a shot of my first 02, a 76' about 10 years ago (good Lord, has it been that long!?!). She was lowered pretty good on HR's? and had bilstein HD's. Not really any rubbing or anything that I remember. They were off my brother's 320
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