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  1. Thank you for saying so! Still needs work but I'm damn proud to stand by her. im not really sure what to ask for it but I'm hoping that an under 10k price helps it move faster. I want the person who gets it to feel like they got a good deal and enjoy her as much as I have. Thanks again! Tell some friends! Lol Rocco
  2. This is my car. I just had my first child less than a week ago and it's time to let go of my project. Please take a look at the craigslist add and let me know if you have any questions. I'll be showing the car to interested parties all this coming week. Rocco https://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/cto/5786671878.html
  3. Oh ya you know what else is funny Esty! That dash board with the plastic cap on it actually came from you! We did that trade for some brown/tan seats! Long time ago now but thanks for that one as well! Lol Rocco
  4. Mid 80's jaguar xjs seats. Vinyl dyed black from blue. Junk yard score! They fit perfect and they match the 6 series back seats. And they're super comfy!!!! Here some pics. I used the padding on the tranny tunnel so that I did not have to make any cuts! I'm pretty happy with they way it turned out!!!
  5. Hey Esty! Just wanted to say thanks again for getting mine out when you did! I love the look and he fit was absolutely flawless! Hopefully it helps me sell it. Bitter sweet... Baby boy just showed up on Monday! Our first!!! Anyway, glad to hear your feeling better! Thanks again!!!! Rocco
  6. Id like to find an early front bumper in decent condition. No rubber side trim please... Let me know what you have and what you want for it. Sold mine long ago and replaced it with a kamei air dam but I would like to go back to a more stock look... Thanks in advance Rocco
  7. I'll take the one with the least issues. Somehow I'm missing the plastic button and spring so as long as that's good I'll take it. I'll pm you so we can set up payment. Thanks! Rocco
  8. Pm'ed you about the key and tumbler. Thanks Rocco
  9. The springs are $150 from IE... That would put the total purchase price at $350. The kit with springs is $300 new from GC. Just doesnt add up for me. I really appreciate it but I think im going to pass. Please consider them open for anyone. Good luck with the sale im sure someone will snatch them up.
  10. Well it seems that if I used stock springs or even the IE stage 2 springs I have, the car would sit higher than it already does. I would think that the springs that come with the kit are shorter than normal so that you can start lower and adjust up. I could be wrong... I've never had a kit to actually measure the springs that come with them. It's very tempting! I will price springs and get back to you... Thanks Rocco
  11. Oh and I put my address in the notes on the PayPal transfer. Let me know if you can't find it.
  12. Ok Blake I sent you $15. I'm an XL-XXL depending on how they run. Surprise me! Thanks again I really appreciate it! Rocco

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