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  1. Ya when your doing something that custom everything’s a 1 off... At $350 it’s worth a gamble. The reward outweighs the risk. For me, if I have to think too much it usually gets mothballed... If this were a little bit more plug and play or if someone offered a “kit” that was tried and true, I’d be all over it. The 245 is easy... crazy expensive now, but if you can manage to find one on the cheap, the reward is simplicity.
  2. I wish I had the stones to do the rx8.... I’ve read the instructions like 3 times in the hopes that my comprehension level will increase! But unfortunately, that has not been the case... it seems like a perfect option if you can get your head around the project.
  3. Great car and great color! Just picked up a 68 myself last month. Very similar description to yours. Having fun trying to figure out what in the world to do with the remote booster/ pedal box mounted brake master situation. It’s a mess. Everything leaks and everything is $$$ to replace... And in the end, your prize is tiny 1600 brakes... I’m thinking seriously about swapping it over to newer style. Anyway, great looking car! Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  4. Every car is different... Time will tell if I run into the same sort of trouble. It’s a quick fix and saved me the agony and time of searching and waiting for the “doo-dads” to connect the linkage correctly. Every 02’er has 3 or 4 of these accelerator linkage rods laying around so even if you screw it up it’s not going to cost you much... I wish it was my idea but to give credit this is Harry’s design. I would have bought one from him again but last time I checked he was out of stock. His are undoubtedly far superior to what I have created here but I’m content and if it functions well I’ll be a happy camper all the same. Hope you can find a way to create some clearance. I can’t see it but maybe re-articulating the hose (twist it a bit) could create some space?
  5. Oh, your sweet, but I assure you I’m as rotten as they come!!!😉
  6. Esty, it would be my pleasure. PM me your address and I’ll send them your way!
  7. So I’m prepping for the 38/38 instal and I bought an accelerator shaft for $10... It didn’t come with the little doo-dads to connect the shaft to the pedal or the linkage arm... So I went on Amazon and found some heim joints... Another $10... Took about 10 min to Cut the end off the bottom and thread it to 6mm. Some nuts and bolts from my stash and ta-da!!! Came up with this... I know this is a copy of Harry’s design... I bought one from him years ago... Great product and beautiful! But last I checked he was out of stock so I figured I’d have a go. I have 2 extra heim joints if anyone wants them. They’re $10 on Amazon for 4 but I’ll ship them for free if anyone wants them. I could use the karma lol. Rocco
  8. Price drop... $500 shipped... I have to move this stuff so I can get my car going... Still open to trades. if your interested in any parts individually let me know. Gotta go...
  9. Saw this. Looks like a solid deal depending on condition. Good luck! https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/san-ramon-1976-bmw-2002tii/7306537460.html
  10. Well let me tell you about it a bit first. All the dcoe guru’s say that these appear to be Italian 40 bodies with Spanish 45 top covers. Someone must have broken a float tab and found these top covers easier or cheaper to replace the original tops. Should function well all the same. 1 carb is complete but the other is missing some jets and an auxiliary Venturi. I don’t know why... These were not jetted for a 2002 from what I can tell so you would want to rejet anyway. I have some genuine bmw manifolds and throttle linkage that go with them. Believed to be from a NK 2000ti. I also have the water neck divider from a 2002 that has been blocked off and powder coated. And a really cool water neck that’s supposedly from an NK too is available. I have coolant bypass pipes for both water necks. Filters and housings for the carbs too... extra chokes and velocity stacks and good soft mounts. Whatever is in the pictures. I bought the carbs site unseen on Craigslist for $400... The rest of the parts came from my car when I bought it. I have never run them but they move freely and appear to be in good shape. The insides are very clean and appear to have been rebuilt somewhere along the line but a cheap rebuild kit and a once over would be smart. In a nutshell, you get all the pieces you’d need to convert to dual sidedrafts but the carbs need a rejet and some linkage pieces. I think given what needs to be done here I think $500 is a fair price. If your looking for a turn key kit, this probably isn’t for you. But if you don’t mind a little work (or you have all the parts already sitting on your shelf) this could be a great fit. Let me know if anyone’s interested. Id consider trades full or partial, up or down for the following... Complete brake system... hardliners, pedal box, booster, calipers, the works... I’m one of the unfortunate soles with a 68 brake system with remote servo and pedal mounted brake master😢 My interior is non existent. Need seats, carpets, door sills, rubber gaskets everywhere... 123 distributor (a guy can dream) My car has an exhaust header but it’s all welded together front to back.... Don’t ask me why... Shorty headed, down pipe, ansa sport resonator and muffler are on the wish list. Wheels and tires 15’s preferably. WHO DOESNT LIKE A GOOD TRADE!!!???!!! Thanks!
  11. won’t be able to provide good input on that lol. Only time I actually ran dual sidedrafts I could never get them right... went to a single sidedraft back then and oh man it was awesome!!! Motor was built and blue printed though. I suspect this stock but fresh looking motor will do just fine with the 38. Hopefully! Lol
  12. Pierce manifolds in Hollister got me set up with a new 38/38! And Jan from San Jose was kind enough to sell me a cannon manifold. Piecing it together little by little... if your interested in the old Weber 40 dcoe set up let me know. Needs work but has some potential! Happy Taco Tuesday!!!
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