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  1. I have driver and passenger side rectangular mirrors with all requested parts in excellent condition.
  2. You should check your email from yesterday!
  3. Shortened big bumper and IE. I was having a garage expanded for two cars was previously a one car garage . I had to sit her out back under a cover. Before my new look!
  4. Jeff M Just this one angle shot with the short euro, I'll have to get more
  5. still here, just hanging around. I saw you in the Burgh for the 50th.
  6. I personally like the clean look without the bumper. I haven't been around the 02 scene for a while but recently got a respray, dropped my shortened '75 front and rear bumpers.
  7. Thanks, I haven't been around for awhile and forgot about Blunt.
  8. Looking for a pair of the light that go into the short bumper and shine upwards, or blanks that I can fill the holes with.
  9. I doubt it, it's been years since I purchased mine. I currently don't have a tip on my antenna as some a hole took it off. If I figure out where to find some I'll post.
  10. I have an 84 head on the Narlie, so yes it works. Also, it was the last casting.
  11. The member that modified and sold them has been missing for years, it was Mike Hannagan. He had some of the best 02's and plenty of them and nobody knows what happened to him or where he is now. He did work on Narlie and I'm certain a number of other cars here. I look for him from time to time but no luck, guy was a f'ing Guru!
  12. Pittsburgh being my home I go every year and have had a great time every year!
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