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  1. I have driver and passenger side rectangular mirrors with all requested parts in excellent condition.
  2. I have an 84 head on the Narlie, so yes it works. Also, it was the last casting.
  3. The member that modified and sold them has been missing for years, it was Mike Hannagan. He had some of the best 02's and plenty of them and nobody knows what happened to him or where he is now. He did work on Narlie and I'm certain a number of other cars here. I look for him from time to time but no luck, guy was a f'ing Guru!
  4. Pittsburgh being my home I go every year and have had a great time every year!
  5. Steve, this is fantastic! Time for a new avatar to celebrate.
  6. Covercraft is what I currently have. I previously had a Noah and the Covercraft is far superior.
  7. The look on his face is priceless and i love that color combo!
  8. Here are a couple of ADAC badges I stashed away a few years back.
  9. Hello Sir, I'm interested in the door sills and possibly the black door panels front and back.
  10. That's a super cool color, badd assss! Go with it.
  11. If your talking about the 1st gear put it in 2nd first then in 1st, I had that problem and that what the fellows on the board told me and it's no longer a problem.
  12. There are some DC guys here that live in DC. I googled and learned that there is no exemption on older cars. A guy failed in his 66 Mustang and the follwing is the advice he received on a blog. The advice you've been given so far is all good. I would add a few of my own points: HC numbers are a function of the completeness of combustion. Burn most or all of the gas, and your HC numbes will go down. Fill it up with premium fuel and drive around a bit before the test. Typically, refineries add more "oxygenates" and other additives to their premium. They'll give you a small advantage. Also make sure the car is at full operating temperature when tested. Run it for at least a half hour before the test - and not just idling. Drive it as fast as you legally can. If they've not been replaced recently, replace ALL tune up parts including plugs, points, rotor, dist. cap, wires, air filter. As someone else noted, clean oil helps too. Read this link:http://forums.vintage-mustang.com/vintage-mustang-forum/369921-failed-dc-emissions-inspection-66-coupe.html Good luck
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