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M2 madness


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More taking apart this weekend. Cooling system removed



Intake plenum removed. Hard to see, but the intake on head looks perfectly clean



Fuel lines and injectors removed, tank drained.



this set of injectors and another set i have will be sent to RC Engineering for cleaning and balancing. the best of the 8 will go in the car.

Engine electrical harness labeled and removed


Setrab oil cooler and lines removed



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One less M2 in the world….for now.



With the help of Jim G, S14 and trans were removed from the purple 76, returning it to “normal” 2002 status. No major issues with the removal. Trans slid off without issue before we pulled the S14 out the top.


Looks like trans, a 5spd from E21, has leaking seals at the shifter input shaft and speedo cable input port. Input and output shaft seals are dry. t/o bearing needs replacement. Slave cyl looks new. Need to clean trans up a bit.


S14 came out carefully. Tight fit! Going to need to be more careful dropping it back into the 75, we “dinged” the wonderful paint on the purple car in a few places..

First challenge was getting the engine on the stand. I wanted to mount it from the exhaust side, but the S14 block is missing the upper threaded boss the M10 has that I used before. Ended up mounting by flywheel end after removing the clutch.


Clutch does not look too bad, but will be replaced. This must be an M3 clutch as it does not look like any 2002 clutch I have seen.


throttle bodies removed.



Do these intake ports look worked over? Valves look a bit dirty.



Exhaust valves look well carboned too.



Next valve cover came off. Looked pretty clean in there. I assume these are stock cams?



Timing chain and upper guides look good.


Is this a stock timing chain tensioner?


Looked a little wet by rear main seal, but thie inside bell housing was dry.


M2 no more


And the pile of parts on the shop floor is growing!



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Cleaning Day!

working on dirty greasy cars drives me nuts, therefore all must be cleaned. Lined up all the M2 parts and broke out the power washer.


Engine cleaned up well





As did the trans and various misc engine pieces


And I finally found the perfect deck decorations….2002 turbo exhaust system, S14 manifold and a driveshaft.


There will be a slight pause in the project…have 4 days at the track for a race this weekend, have to change gears to race car prep.


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Man that race car looks mean, full cage and everything! Awesome! One of these days I'm gonna get out there to meet you and see all these awesome machines. Good luck this weekend out at Summit Point, and have fun!


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Man that race car looks mean, full cage and everything! Awesome! One of these days I'm gonna get out there to meet you and see all these awesome machines. Good luck this weekend out at Summit Point, and have fun!


mean enough for tons of checkered flags and multiple mid-atlantic SCCA championships! :-) it is built to limit of SCCA ITR class rules. it is "just" a 325, but i routinely beat M3's in BMW club races.

i did notice a different feel bringing it back in the shop after months of 2002 work. wrenching on 02' is kinda "fun" and the cars just seem "happy". the e36 race car on the other hand, just says "serious business'. purpose built, no BS. git'er done!


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You should find the answer (and more) to the chain tensioner question here.



thanks for the link! some good info there!

odd, my tensioner looks like neither the stock one or the e36 one. looks like a stock one, but there is what looks like a bleed valve on the end of it.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, I have the attention span of a 2 yr old. After a very successful racing weekend taking a chunk of time off the SCCA ITR track record, I decided that even though the m10 is coming out of the 75 in a couple months, I could not resist hot rodding it up a bit more. I have had an almost NOS set of dcoe 45 15/16’s (Tisa spec) sitting in a bin for over a year. Won’t need them for the the s14, so what the heck, thought I would try them on the m10! So, the Italian 40’s and the ti manifolds came off. I had another set of manifolds, TRM, that had a bigger bore for the 45’s, so I port matched them a bit, cleaned them up and put them on. The 45’s had been sitting for 20yrs, so the gaskets were all dried up. I rebuild both of them before intall.

The Italian 40’s


You can never have too many sidedrafts! (only four in pic, there are two more…)


45 in rehab


45 all cleaned up


40’s off


Hmm, head work looks good!


And the 45’s are in!



Should have some fun tuning later this week. Something tells me 45’s with 38mm chokes won’t be as “easy” around town as the 40’s with 32mm chokes!


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LOL Ray...that's what i need... more encouragement!

step one of tuning the 45's went well tonight. set the base idle mix screw and throttle adjustment, checked for fuel leaks with pump on, and turned the key....started right up! after getting it warmed up, 15 min of tweaking the carb synch and idle mix screws got them idling at a smooth 950 rpm with very little idle speed screw dialed in. no load progression seems to work ok. it was raining and i was hungry for dinner, so the road testing will have to wait.....

and the s14 is sitting on the stand in front of the car whispering, "why bother with those controlled fuel leaks call carbs! put me in the game!"

all in good time......


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Damn, I wish I could get out of here and come see your cars!!!! The 45's look great on that motor, take up a bit more space it looks like but should be way more fun!!!! Hopefully I will get some free time soon to work on my car and eventually get out to see you.


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