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Interior colors for a Taiga car...


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Hi all,

As far as I've seen, the interior colors that came with Taiga green metallic were black or tan...

I'd originally planned on black, with a german loop salt & pepper carpet (mmmmm) and maybe even Alpina accents (as I'm re-doing a set of Scheel front seats, and I like that look), but recently I've been rethinking the idea of such a dark interior (for heat reasons mainly).

My current daily has a tan interior, and although it's okay, tan really doesn't blow my skirt up. And with the money I'll be putting into this resto, I really WANT my (metaphorical) skirt blown up.

So my newest leaning is towards the lighter greyish color (Sand, I think?) that's often seen in Granatrot cars... Anyone ever seen a lighter interior in a Taiga car (other than tan)?

Any thoughts? Pics? Whatever color I get, I definitely want to stay with the salt & pepper carpet (mmm).



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Can't beat black. I had tan in my '76 malaga and swapped it to black....what an awesome difference! For one thing black will hide imperfections, and well it just looks better IMO.

If heat is a concern maybe try going with a cloth fabric on the seats that compliments the black panels (e.g. houndstooth pattern, etc.), or simply black cloth.

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My 76 Taiga has black, with cloth centered Recaros...If you lived in LA (Lower Alabama), I go with the tan, but in San Francisco, black should be fine. ...Or you can always go with lamb shearlings; cool in summer, warm in winter (they dont have to be the cream color, you know..). Dave V. in NC

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