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  1. Looking for a minty Italvolnti Formel steering wheel
  2. Took out the M2 for a shakedown cruise. Ran up to LA to Workshop 5001 to see thier latest custom 72 911 build. Jethro Bouingdon dropped in to check out the 911 too. He saw the M2 and then took it for a spin. A friend sent this from his Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxD1zr3lf2z/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=zv1ia67l15lg
  3. Looking for a photshop expert to change the color for me on a pig cheek 02. Happy to pay for your time. Send me a PM if you can help.
  4. Lee you should make the modded upper pan to match !!!
  5. Thanks.....and still a work in process. I have been driving it the last couple days to make sure it is solid since my daughter comes home today. It is certainly a head turner. As for driving..we have an issue with either the trans or the tuning but on the freeway up a hill the power curve flatlines and am probably maxing out about 60 mph and 5K. We had a fresh rebuilt 4spd for the car that blew up in first 100 miles and Jeff put in a used one he had so she had something to drive while home. The one that blew was under warranty and back to the shop. This could very well be our issue. The one in the car has lousy shift points and the shift linkage is sloppy. The motor is a little heavier than the m10 that came out of it and I can feel it in the front end. Once we get it driving properly will take a look at tuning up the suspension. Did you see my Colorado M2 in there?
  6. Lol...just installed a m42/44 built by metric mechanic. It is actually a car I built for my daughter and there is more than what you see. We added a 4spd auto but had to design and fabricate an adaptor plate to make the trans fit the motor. Also wanted to keep the early looking auto shifter and had to redesign all the linkage to make it work with the new trans. She now lives back east and I am on the west coast but she is coming home for a few days and wanted to drive the car so we got it together and cleaned up. I have to say that the best update is the electric steering rack we added. I know there have been a few threads on here about those but with the big tires the unassisted turning was tough. It is variable speed so on the road not much difference from stock but around a parking lot it is fantastic. I added one to one of my other 02's but have not driven it yet.
  7. did you run this with their 245 OD box?
  8. Looking for a mint bmw Motorsport wheel with cover if available.
  9. can you post your pics of your rear set delete choices?
  10. Been looking for rear end or side wrecks...2012-2015 228,328,428,528 but finding one with a stick more challenging. Electronics are not insurmountable.
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