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73' Round Verona Full Resto

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Ah yes, restoration.... where to start. Well the idea has been a while coming, I've been seriously looking for an 02' for about 6+ months and sussing them out for about a year.

As you may or may not know these cars a little sort after and a good one isn't usually on the market for long. So when I found this Verona i was quick to snap her up.

The car is a one lady owner (yep from new) which has spent its life as country folk up north. The car is from 73 and was manufactured just before they changed the 02's to square light (Feb).

The car is little tied in most respects but has plenty of good going on. The body is rock solid, smallest amount of surface rust underneath.

The mechanicals are in need of some TLC. The current engine was dropped in some time ago after the old one presumably gave in. The engine number reads as the third ever RHD Automatic 02 engine (reading into this as a good thing or not, i'm undecided).

The interior is ok, needs a good going over, the seats need to be recovered as do the carpets. Otherwise it looks ok.

The paint is done and is showing some damage to the rear quarter, but nothing serious.

The main objective at the moment is to get her running mechanically, then get her running well, and then work on the aesthetics and finally attend to some upgrades. As far as upgrades go I'm all over the place with too many ideas, first things first.

So far the car has been started and we've replaced the clutch slave cylinder to obtain a clutch and then go from there to establish what’s what. After fitting the slave cylinder we realised that the clutch hose was knacked and needed replacing. This has arrived today 24/05/07 so shall be installed hopefully by the weekend/early next week.

As you can guess the car hasn't been driven recently so its hard at the moment to attain a good sense of what needs attention first, hopefully this will be sorted soon when we get the car out for a spin.

Order of Operations:

  1. [*:bdf15146c8]Get engine running
    [*:bdf15146c8]Sort out clutch
    [*:bdf15146c8]Overhaul Breaks (Callipers, rotors, pads, hoses, shoes)
    [*:bdf15146c8]Go for a spin.
    [*:bdf15146c8]Steam clean car
    [*:bdf15146c8]Sort out steering parts (control arms , idler arm, tie rods, ball joints, track rod, radius, all rubber and painting etc)
    [*:bdf15146c8]Suspension (new shocks, springs, sway bars and rubber)
    [*:bdf15146c8]Find a new door, new chroming, maybe some older style bumpers.
    [*:bdf15146c8]Drop the engine out and tidy her up and
    [*:bdf15146c8]Get the entire car including the sub frame and some other areas painted at the same time, while
    [*:bdf15146c8]Interior gets sorted out (seats, dashboard, carpets)

While all this goes on i will be conducting the eternal search for a 3 hole sports steering wheel, a nice set of Alpina's (hhmmmmm, good thing I'm young), and hopefully a set of recaro's. [/size]


day of purchase




Useless I know - it’s the only pic I have at the moment, lost all the rest off the camera


The part that will allow me my first drive.... hopefully.

Stay tuned for more progress, I'll be hard at it soon as uni is done.

More pics soon...


close ups - quarter damage




nice clean engine bay


Inexperience - pushing the car off the trailer the night i bought it when......smack, the door was open and bent over a hook on the trailer (It was crooked anyway i swear, seriously though it was)


a quick one from my phone


1972 RHD Auto - Sold

1973 RHD Verona - Project

1974 RHD chamonix - Towed 

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Top Posters In This Topic

I've been hard out it for the time that I’m not at work earning money to spend on the car.

Recently I've been doing the brakes. Jee this system sucks, it seems unnecessarily complicated. Anyway I'm pretty much replacing most parts that are available for the brakes and refurbishing the rest.

I've ordered a bunch more parts for around the globe including my suspension parts. But i still need to get the sucker cleaned, damn there is a lot of oil in the engine bay.


Master cylinder needs to be cleaned and installed


New rotors, lines and refurbed calipers


refurbed servos


1972 RHD Auto - Sold

1973 RHD Verona - Project

1974 RHD chamonix - Towed 

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RMIT out at Bundoora, but i live in the city, bit of a treck. Thought i'd keep a log here as I'm a bit sick of the who-ha that goes on at ecca.


1972 RHD Auto - Sold

1973 RHD Verona - Project

1974 RHD chamonix - Towed 

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Hey Tom, any bleeding tips, i'm going to try and find some sort of kit but will probably just use the peddle method, i know the order jut after some helpful hints for the tricky RHD brake system.



1972 RHD Auto - Sold

1973 RHD Verona - Project

1974 RHD chamonix - Towed 

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I used the method in Mike Mcartneys book (which i think i remember you telling me you had?) and bled everything including the boosters - the bottom one is a bit annoying to get to by the way. It was taking a really long time and we couldnt get a constant stream of fluid so we gave up and made a pressure bleeder. If you are having problems like we did, give Doug Read a call - Im sure he will only be too happy to lend you his. I would offer our home made one but i dont trust it just yet!



72tii - Whitey

74 - Blacky

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nice work!! seems like you and i have got pretty similar projects happening at the moment! good to see that there's a lot of 02ers in victoria!

when you say that you're looking for a 3-hole steering wheel, do u mean something like this??


i bought my dad one for his birthday recently, he doesn't have anything to put it in yet, but hopefully that will change!! or are you looking for a leather wheel?


hope it all goes well!!


Brent May - Swinburne Uni

1974 2002 Resto:

IE 10.5:1 Pistons, IE header, IE urethane bits, Bilstein Sport Shocks, Whiteline Swaybars, 45DCOE Webers, 304 cam..


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Brakes are bled and feel good, peddle doesn't reach the ground and seems to be in order.

Strap on the carbi tomorrow and maybe go for a burn, mind you i still need to put on a door.


1972 RHD Auto - Sold

1973 RHD Verona - Project

1974 RHD chamonix - Towed 

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