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  1. @David Nixon, Peninsula BM had a wheel in stock when I enquired within the last year. I personally found it a little expensive for my taste but they may separate or reduce the price..
  2. Great stuff! Do you mind if i ask how much the skin ran you after GST, duties, shipping etc?
  3. I'm interested @tomorrowcalling (based in Melbourne, Aus) There are also a couple on the 2002 Owners Australia Facebook group interested.
  4. In case anyone hits the search function in the future - you can also get repro original design clips through Jaymic (i'm yet to try them) https://www.jaymic.com/sill-moulding-clip-original-black-type.html
  5. Today was a happy-sad day as this one went to its new owner. My father and I pulled it out of a workshop where it hadn't moved for a couple of years and was a non-runner. We gave it a solid recommissioning and needless to say, got really attached to it! It is by far the best 02 body i've seen/had as it had been preserved so well over time, and i'm thrilled the new owner is local-ish and i'll continue to see it at some of the Victorian events. Photo credits to Taylor Zhou
  6. They are easy to tell apart because the design is totally different. These are the original design and work well (i managed to find some old clips albeit not enough, and you can hear a nice 'click' when they go into place in the sill, or into the sill trim) https://shopware.bmw-oldtimerteile.de/fahrzeugtypen/e10-1502-2002-tii-turbo-touring-cabrio/51-fahrzeugausstattung/stossleisten/77/clip-schwellerleiste/02-serie-original These are the 'new' design which i didn't have much luck with. Note they are slightly different to the knee line trim version. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/plastic-clip-for-sill-trim.html
  7. Good to hear! Thanks Andrew - what was your parts source for them?
  8. Hi All, I've gone through the archives and deduced that the original design 02 plastic clips for the lower sill (SS) trim are now NLA. The design has been updated to an e21 design and as a result, some have noticed issues when mounting their trim (either clips not mounting in the body/sill and falling out or not clipping into the trim and the trim popping off, or both). I've been wrangling with the W&N kit to make it work (and will keep trying), however in my search i noticed that there was an aftermarket supplier of the original design clips: https://www.autobodysupply.net/product-p/w-e2303.htm Edit: Also just found this mob in Germany too: https://shopware.bmw-oldtimerteile.de/fahrzeugtypen/e10-1502-2002-tii-turbo-touring-cabrio/51-fahrzeugausstattung/stossleisten/77/clip-schwellerleiste/02-serie-original Has anyone used these before (and can provide a comparison as far as usability between these and the 'new' OE design)? Also keen to make sure the company are reputable. Many thanks, Tom
  9. Look forward to seeing some shots and hearing about your first drive, Steve!
  10. oz_tom

    Alpina Gear

    very cool! thanks for posting this!
  11. Hi All, I'm looking for any advice on brands and quality for replacement water pumps. What are people using? There doesn't appear to be a hard and fast rule of who/what to avoid... Options I can see online: GRAF - https://www.blunttech.com/shop/replacement-parts/cooling-system/W0133-1621429-GRA GEBA - https://www.blunttech.com/shop/replacement-parts/cooling-system/W0133-1621429-GEB HEPU - https://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/SuperCat/5465/BMW_5465_WATPMP_pg1.htm#item1 GATES - https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/bmw,1973,2002,2.0l+l4,1010754,cooling+system,water+pump,2208 GMB - https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/bmw,1973,2002,2.0l+l4,1010754,cooling+system,water+pump,2208 AIRTEX - https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/bmw,1973,2002,2.0l+l4,1010754,cooling+system,water+pump,2208 OEM There are also references to a Bosch and AC Delco pump but I haven't located stock. Any help greatly appreciated! Tom
  12. Bummer about the 'not-so-rust-free-02' Martin! There is a NZ owners group on Facebook which you might have some luck with for local parts: https://www.facebook.com/groups/243815559768403/
  13. Will be great to meet you! I'm trying to make sure my car will be ready but i'm away for the 3 weeks before the event overseas . Regardless, i'll be there in an 02 of some sort! I coordinate an '02 Register' for Victoria mailing list (along with the 2002 Owners, Australia Facebook group). If you would like me to add you onto the mailing list - flick me your email (usually just email about 02 drives, parts for sale, group buys, that kind of thing) Love to see some pics of your progress! Tom
  14. Hey Mint - how is the restoration coming along of your car? I've pulled together a few 02ers who will be going to the German Auto Show (August 25) so if you're about, let me know mate I recently found out that W&N do flat rate shipping so that might help with keeping the cost down on your parts (eg. the floors) - unfortunately GST is now under $1k i think ... bit annoying! Tom
  15. G'day there! Karl Anderson on the 2002 Owners Australia Facebook group will definitely have something in his stash. He would be within driving distance (outskirts of Brissy i think) Let me know if you have any BBS wheels or an S14 block sitting about Tom
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