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  1. If i recall correctly when looking for tyres 195/50 is right bang in spec for most tyre manufactures for a 15x6" rim. I am truly racking my mind for what my car attached was but i think it was 195/50 all round but may have been 195/45 (obviously lowered so reduced tyre gap)
  2. I had a similar story when I enquired ... hold onto your 2303's people! It seems like they are pretty much now totally NLA.
  3. Ideally the A2/A4 style that mounts 'over' the carbs/injection (as I think RHD brake boosters might get in the way of the ti style intake). I'll shoot you a msg though
  4. Hi All, Let me know if you have one available - A2 or A4. Many thanks, Tom
  5. Great to save another one mate! Look forward to seeing it come together. The flares on the 'Total car' look like Zender box flares, but there are other options too like Alpina 'pig cheeks'. I feel like any flared car always looks better with a front lip... my fave in that space is probably an Alpina lip, but check out Kooglewerks lip too!
  6. oz_tom

    Rims found

    How are things coming along? Looking forward to another Aussie 02 on the road!
  7. G'day George - i definitely recognise your username from way back. There remains a good Melbourne base of owners - we get roughly between 5 and 18 cars along to drives, so hope to catch you at one! I'm not sure if you're on the Australian 2002 owners Facebook group, but if not - there is a lot of local knowledge on there - https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmw2002ownersaustralia If you aren't a Facebook user though (or just want to be on the list!), shoot me a msg with your email and I'll add you to the mailing list / Victorian 02 register - it helps us get together for informal 02 drives. Also, this post from Brent at Dee Bee engines is a great snapshot of some local suppliers - very handy - http://deebeeengines.com.au/bmw-2002-2002-tii-1602-workshop-guide/ Look forward to seeing updates! Tom
  8. That is a right bugger Dion - hope you can get it sorted and come to an agreement with the mechanic! Those springs aren't cheap!
  9. Sadly this sub-group doesn't get much love! Victoria spent a large chunk of this year in the most severe lockdowns in the world. Happily, last weekend after restrictions had relaxed, a bunch of us could finally get out and enjoy a drive down and around the Mornington Peninsula - a couple of shots from the day attached.
  10. @David Nixon, Peninsula BM had a wheel in stock when I enquired within the last year. I personally found it a little expensive for my taste but they may separate or reduce the price..
  11. Great stuff! Do you mind if i ask how much the skin ran you after GST, duties, shipping etc?
  12. I'm interested @tomorrowcalling (based in Melbourne, Aus) There are also a couple on the 2002 Owners Australia Facebook group interested.
  13. In case anyone hits the search function in the future - you can also get repro original design clips through Jaymic (i'm yet to try them) https://www.jaymic.com/sill-moulding-clip-original-black-type.html
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