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  1. Bummer about the 'not-so-rust-free-02' Martin! There is a NZ owners group on Facebook which you might have some luck with for local parts: https://www.facebook.com/groups/243815559768403/
  2. Will be great to meet you! I'm trying to make sure my car will be ready but i'm away for the 3 weeks before the event overseas . Regardless, i'll be there in an 02 of some sort! I coordinate an '02 Register' for Victoria mailing list (along with the 2002 Owners, Australia Facebook group). If you would like me to add you onto the mailing list - flick me your email (usually just email about 02 drives, parts for sale, group buys, that kind of thing) Love to see some pics of your progress! Tom
  3. Hey Mint - how is the restoration coming along of your car? I've pulled together a few 02ers who will be going to the German Auto Show (August 25) so if you're about, let me know mate I recently found out that W&N do flat rate shipping so that might help with keeping the cost down on your parts (eg. the floors) - unfortunately GST is now under $1k i think ... bit annoying! Tom
  4. G'day there! Karl Anderson on the 2002 Owners Australia Facebook group will definitely have something in his stash. He would be within driving distance (outskirts of Brissy i think) Let me know if you have any BBS wheels or an S14 block sitting about Tom
  5. When club rego was introduced in VIC there were two things that caused changes to the scheme and extra attention from the 5-0 - new 'clubs' offering cheap membership and dodgy club scrutineer sign off sprung up - people not filling in log books started getting fined for driving an 'unregistered' car, so club plates got extra attention Hope the same doesn't happen for you NSW fellas! Tom
  6. Hi djninkin, I ran a 205/50/15 on the rear on a 15x7 Alpina and it rubbed (stock suspension). I then tested a 15x6 with a 195/50/15 and that didn't rub. I then moved to a stiffer Eibach/Koni setup and ran that car lower with 195/45/15's (staggered - 15x7 rear and 15x6 front) and didn't have any rubbing that i recall. Potentially hitting a bump at full lock / an outlier situation there may have been, but i felt like that was the best setup to make a set of wheels that isn't an 'ideal' offset for a 2002 fit. By this point i'd probably also had the lips rolled.
  7. That is a very sad sight! What kind of work are you looking at having done to the car to bring her back - full paint and mechanical go over? I can recommend separate places but not a one stop shop sadly... Tom
  8. Car looks beautiful! Reminds me a lot of my fathers when he had Superlites on (its a 72tii but runs early grilles and bumpers so will look very similar to you!)
  9. A few fjord's there, but I suspect you mean the more 'vibrant' fjord - they're 15". Good to see another aussie! Are you on the Australian 2002 Owners facebook group?
  10. lol! I know its been ages mate - hope all is well with you Ray. I may be in the US later this year again!
  11. Had a great drive today with some of the Victorian 2002 guys through the Yarra Ranges area in Victoria, Australia. It was quite reminiscent of a drive some 12 years ago with overcast rainy weather through some of the same roads, but a great turnout of around 18 cars. Lots of new and familiar faces, and the 02 scene is still strong in this part of the world! Pics below from Taylor Zhou
  12. Hi mate - are you after a factory roundie wheel or more of a Nardi or Momo wheel? PS: love to see your car - always good to see a new one from Oz!
  13. I've never had one repaired as tanks are still 'relatively' plentiful. I'd suggest only going down the repair path if you get desperate as you can usually pick up a good tank for under 100 bucks. When you have a good one, do a clean and reseal it (i think i used a POR15 product when I did mine 10+ years ago) and you shouldn't have to touch it again for a long time
  14. Great seeing another aussie 02 being put back on the road. There are quite a few in Adelaide... Jump on the Australian 2002 facebook group too if you haven't already!
  15. I'm so disappointed I just missed out on this event! I thoroughly enjoyed LA last week however, and New York currently. For an Australian to see so many spectacular BM's in one place would have been a treat. The car culture here is fantastic.
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