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  1. That's annoying, missed out...
  2. Interested in the full set of its doesn't sell.
  3. felix_666


  4. Probably a bit hard to find the other side, not to mention the black slats, cheers anyway.
  5. What: I'm searching for an early set of grilles (left & right) with the black covering slats - see the pic below. Where: I'm in Australia so you'll need to be willing to ship. Condition: Looking for a better set, no major blemishes, minor ok, say 7+/10. Thanks
  6. Good tips on the tank. The carbs could be running rich, but the smell is so strong (my eyes hurt after 20 min) in the cabin/boot and non existant around the engine.bay. I've got all new seals around the firewall including those water drain tubes, so not sure about the carbs, hard to be sure. Not sure how I could get the o-ring wrong? Has been replaced twice though. The filler neck rubber is new as it's the paper gasket and I've removed it several times. I might replace the short hose coming from the the tank to the plastic fuel line. Thanks all, keep you posted.
  7. Yep, replaced that 'special' o-ring twice, just be sure. New rubber filler neck and gasket, fuel line, all new hoses, some braided, although they only have 2000km on them, or 6 years. Good question about the weeping, I don't know. I was thinking about wrapping everything (hoses, tank, sender, etc) with thin paper to try and identify any minor leaks when driving. There is no recovery tank, DCOEs, and I vent to the atmosphere from the filler neck via the boot floor. I figured if there were any leaks in the seam I could press on the tank and make it breathe with the vent blocked, but the tank stays nice and firm as if it's air tight. The search continues.
  8. Old thread, but I like upcycling. I'm trying to identify a strong cabin/boot fuel smell and wondering if there is a way to determine if the tank seam is shot? I've replaced nearly everything else and despite my tank being in really good condition i used the POR15 kit several years ago when I did my restoration, but I'm running out of things to point the finger out. Thanks.
  9. I don't need any part Bruce, just the grilles, got some pictures?
  10. Thanks Steve, I'll send you an email, need a couple of other things too...
  11. Hello, In order to finish my 8 year restoration I need help locating the following items. If anyone is even able to point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated as I have run out of avenues locally. GOOD CONDITION Early Grille set with black slats for Euro lights - I believe this means I need a 'deep' set of grilles. 1 x Left Grille (51131808473) 1 x Right Grille (51131808474) NEW 1 x OEM Windshield Gasket (51317440104) The potential seller would need to be happy to post to Australia. Cheers Will
  12. My temp backup external relief valve has been swapped to a 65 psi check valve which has been working a treat combined with the oil pressure gauge to keep my heart rate in check. Much less effort and nerve than the manual needle valve.
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