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  1. Nice one Tommy... hope to be there next time!! Who's is the green car? Is that your old one Shaun? We were talking about having a catch up for dinner or lunch in Geelong next time I am back - Mark's wife is a chef at a really nice restaurant in Geelong and I was thinking that was the place to go...
  2. Just flipped open the new (for us down here in Oz who don't get it on subscription) PerformanceBMW magazine and there it was... Americas Coolest 2002! Nice work Blunt... the car looks fantastic and the article is quite alright! No mention of all the 02faqers! The Polaris project is kinda plodding along, but I'm racing bikes, paying for a house and working my guts out! Will send an order through to you soon for some odds and ends! Todd
  3. TMK-001

    new 02!

    Dude, you look a bit hairy! Might want a shave :-P
  4. I am surprised to see how much filler you use to smooth the panels... very similar to what they do in Overhaulin' etc. Should look nice when its done!
  5. Bump... Anyone else out there with a cool stance!?!
  6. I'm glad you left the lid on... last thing you would want is ink everywhere when you got home :-P
  7. Thanks! I was sitting in the office in the middle of the night and out it popped :-p Cheers!
  8. My fax is +61 8 8723 1512 - I'm not sure what you have to add to send to Australia. I sent the email to aftermarketcris email address. Cheers, Todd
  9. G'day CJ, I sent you an email, can you please invoice me for coil overs and headlights. I have the package sitting in customs costing me $14 for every day it sits there and I'm not able to get it released until I get an invoice for it. Its been there since September 7th and I'm keen to get it moving. Cheers, Todd
  10. I got a 2002 as my first car - I still have it and love it...
  11. Legacy GT are the cheap import ones... the Liberty RS was the Aussie delivered ones. They are temperamental...
  12. Im on it... OBVIOUSLY a bunch of drunks!
  13. Go to Blunt... Hey mate, have those pesky couriers come to get my stuff yet!?!
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