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  1. I'd say about 130-150 but it is really hard to to say this sort of things without knowing exactly what has being done with other parts like the cylinder head thickness and if the block has being decked.
  2. The cross pipe is to stop the BLOB BLOB BLOB noise you get from a 90 degree crank, I still adore this car but agree with the others, some of the details just aren't quite right which is a shame but I'd still have it!
  3. So your telling me I don't have a graphite T/O bearing in my car when I specifically ordered the part? Sorry but you can get them for almost any application. I have also seen them on many many later model BMW's.
  4. thats a pretty net turbo setup, wonder if works with a RHD car
  5. the graphite part is on the inside of the T/O bearing, its like a silky finish so you don't need to grease the input shaft. You most likely don't have it but its not so likely to make the noise just something quite a few people get wrong. It may be advised to replace the pressure plate too and I have never heard of this if the clutch has being put in wrong. Come to think of it I doubt it would work very well if it was in the wrong way, and you'd probably have destroyed your torsion springs. AS for the pilot bearing, its on the motor, its where the very end of the input shaft goes in, they are normally replaced when a clutch is replaced. Refer to your first photo and its in the middle of the crank shaft end, you'll find it I'm sure.
  6. Well for starters that flywheel definitely needs to be machined, then replace the bolts that need replacing and have a good look at the T/O bearing. Now if its a graphite one NO grease is needed and vice versa.
  7. I have 2 1/4" pipe from Tii headers through twok res's and then a sports muffler, sounds mean and possibly too loud(I do have twin sidedrafts too). It's easy enough to get an exhaust made up the problem is the space in between the fuel tank and wheel well foul up most mufflers. If your looking into extractors I may be selling a set some time soon also.
  8. TURN ON THE MACRO SETTING DEAR GOD! Yes, fuel is very dirty almost everywhere. Surprisingly we have pretty clean fuel downunder but still it gets contaminated often by dodgy petrol stations.
  9. I think I read somewhere that the body construction of later 02's was different and made it heavier
  10. thought people on this forum were kind and helpful! Plug gap is unchanged, dizzy is timmed correctly, coil should be good (still need to check) , condenser is 1 year old and firing order is correct! But thanks for some new ideas
  11. Well my car wouldn't start the other week and after going over ignition system I cleaned the dizzy and regapped the points at .4mm or .016in for you imperials. Got some new plugs and assembled it all again. After trying to get it going again it is just making popping noises out the exhaust. rechecked spark and its weak as all hell. So now I will get some new points tommorrow and regap but slightly smaller, .3mm (told by another 2002 mechanic). SO after doing all of this if the car still won't start is there anything else that I should look at for such weak spark?
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