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Air distributor pipe for a '76

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pipe goes from what to what - much plumbing and 'pipes'

do you see it here ?






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Have you the diagram for the thermostat removal and refit


And Many Thanks

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I'll do the best I can. It is a metal tube that is under the

heat shield on the exhaust side of the engine. The tube

has four "air feed in pipes" shown in picture 11/69 item 7.

If you look at the emissions schematic at Dagsites for

CA '76 2002 it is in the drawing. The smog pump send

air to the divertervalve, then through the check valve, then

there is the thing I'm looking for. Call it the "air distribution

manifold," or whatever. It is a pipe about 3/4" diam with

the airfeedin pipes and receives air input from the air pump

at the front of the engine near the radiator.

On my car, the mainfold tubv cracked and the air feedin

pipe fell off. It coule be reapaired with a replacement

air feed in pipe and a metal patch. But it would be better

to replace the entire air distribution main fold.

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of use. My 76 is a Cal. smog model and the 4 pipes have cracked at the manifold. Fix byWelding around the cracks. Other option is to replace the exh manifold which i think is made of stainless steel. The heat shield does cover the pipe so much the smog inspectors cant see it.

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I believe you are referring to the infamous "Thermal Reactor" that all us 76 california 02 owners have grown to despise. You are experiencing the "oh, they all do that" cracking of all the welds on this stainless steel nightmare. Had mine welded up numerous times. finally replaced it with a cast iron exhaust manifold that still used the air injection. Sure is a lot quieter. Used the later model combination Gasket/HeatShield. Most Smog inspectors wouldn't know a thermal reactor if they saw one. Still have to old one around if absolutely necessary to get the 76 smogged.

Ah...the joys of California 76 2002 ownership. Sure appreciate my 74 touring.

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