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  1. The top tubes are probably half clogged. Take it to a Radiator repair shop for a flow test and estimate for a cleaning.
  2. The old design carb engines Chevy V8 is 90 degrees wide and the Ford is at 60 allowing more room between the inner strut fenders. Have seen these swaps in internet photos only. Wonder how much room to remove exhaust manifolds or change spark plugs. The Ford probably is longer because of the timing chain water pump housing means less clearance for radiator. Ford front mounted Dist. is an advantage. Each company make a V6 same degrees benefit of 1 cylinder shorter. Save weight with aluminum heads, intake manifold and water pump cost $
  3. Place the straight section of the ring in a vise and use pliers to bend the crocked section back into place. You might get 80% there.
  4. A Bent ring will not seat properly fully into the groove.
  5. or flooding over due to pump pressure too high.
  6. and drip some vinegar on the french fries
  7. The USA version of the BMW 320i made in years 1977 thru 1983 had the filler for front bumper.
  8. Car sat for tens years is the reason. Remove the carb and all the removable jets tubes valves etc. Soak the carb body & top plate to clean out the internal passages, you can't see what in there.
  9. McGard is popular brand of that type of lock. or try Locking Lugnut Twist Socket Removal Kit -
  10. Hey 2002#3 Larry , were the bleeder screws removed when installing pistons. ?
  11. Try what Toby stated and my additional step is to fully open the throttle by hand to see if gas has puddled on bottom of manifold after it drips past the butterfly plates.
  12. Low battery voltage can cause that to a Bosch starter. It happen on my car , had to hurry and disconnect the batt cable. very old starter was smokin hot due to the amp draw.
  13. And the chock flap must be open when engine is warm otherwise the carb will cause rich condition due too not enough air.
  14. The cam looks dry and needs Lube , If you do not have dist lube I would use wheel bearing grease . Had ticking noise years ago and the lube stopped the noise and wearing down the points rubbing block.
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