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  1. Someone say Touring?? My 74 1802 Touring Differences between Touring and Saloon Rear view
  2. Mike, I just put on 4 Toyo Extensa A/S 185/70 x 13 tires. Don't remember how much, but pretty reasonable if I remember. Very happy with them so far. Much easier to drive than the 205/60's I had on before. Steve
  3. A little Touring love for this topic
  4. Might as well get my two cents in. I have a 1974 1802 Touring, original drivetrain 240,000 km, 4:11 diff. I have to drive 4100 rpm just to get to 65 mph. It actually gets quieter around 4300 rpm. Couple of trips to Monterey this year 4 hrs at around 4300- 4500 each way in 90 degree weather. Intervals at 5k+, but the temp starts to go up a bit, and the frequency of speeding tickets also increases. Bottom line. The engine, even though old and tired, doesn't mind 4k+ driving. Actually seems quite happy.
  5. Is there a SoCal vintage BMW, or 2002faq Waze group for caravans and such?
  6. Is everyone staying in Ventura Friday night? Yes we should all gather for breakfast and then caravan to LA.
  7. What are your SB plans? When are you leaving for LA on Saturday morning? Do I need to check with wife about spare beds?
  8. I will drive up to Monterey on Mon 19th. Show at Concours Tuesday. Probably point back home after Concours. Any spare beds Monday night?
  9. Good suggestion. They are a good place to get some exposure with people that might appreciate the uniqueness of the touring. Of course, some don't like tourings and you must tolerate their opinions. Still, a good site.
  10. In my opinion, for that car and goodies, near $20K would still be reasonable. Of, course I own one and consider it priceless. Best car I have ever owned, and it has over 250,000 KM on it. Hope you can get a good price for it, it goes to a deserving owner, and your health improves.
  11. I'd bet on Mike's fix. Took my speedo out last night to fix major twitching and odo stopping. Accomplished both without any previous speedo experience or instructions. Just patience and pretty good mechanical instincts. ( I like to fix things) plus these great little German cars are well designed. If needed, I will be happy to share what I did.
  12. At Legends of the Autobahn in Monterey, Ca. Thought I was already in this thread. Guess not.
  13. Sazan...I did get your email and wasn't ignoring you..just busy. It seems that you are getting much better advice here, than I could give you in SB. Good Luck.
  14. pushed in...all the way open. Clean idle jet for smooth idle
  15. We are gonna miss you around here....sob...sob. Happy for your life changes.. great being a part of your life in SB. Sorry I missed the GoingAway party. We will let you keep your screename just to confuse people.
  16. unless someone has done something to them, I think all tourings had that German shepherd look. Mine has always looked liked that, although I have always thought about dropping the front very slightly. I have found that the less junk you carry around in the back, the higher it sits.
  17. Great Pictures. This is the first year that I haven't been able to attend, which was very sad and painful. Your beautiful photos ease the pain a little. Next year there will be at least one Touring if I have anything to say about it.
  18. ohhh, hammertime OK, big Hammertime
  19. Since your rear bumper appears to not have the license plate lights the rest of us have. you will need to add them, or just get a regular 02 license plate bracket like the one on my 76.
  20. I used the Euro mounting holes with a creative use of old chrome strips, and chopping up a plastic euro mounting plate.
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