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I’ve been running a Weber 38 with a matched intake and IE shorty headers, on a basically stock motor. I haven’t changed the jets on the carb yet, since I really enjoy the power. After a few months, I’ve missed the fuel economy and not smelling like gas. Would changing the jets fix this issue? I know timing could be a factor, but should I tackle the jets first? If so, what do you guys recommend. Never jetted a carb before. 


P.S. Car sometimes “gurgles” on cold start, like it’s being choked with fuel. Also a jetting issue?





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Get a  02 gauge,  I have a spare that you can get from me.  It was used for about a year.  I will send it with a new bung and 02 sensor.  My cable was toast, but I can send you the part number and you can get it from summit or jegs. 


Even if you go EFI, you will need one.  Here is the model I have, and the cable is below. I didn't order one because I pay duties and taxes for no reason.   I am posting this on parts for sale, but I will reserve it based on your answer for the next 24 hours. 




Here is the cable


Part Number: 30-3401 - Power Harness for 30-4110 Wideband Gauge
Price: $10.33

"Goosed" 1975 BMW 2002


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A a/f meter is a good idea, but before jetting your carb get the best tune on your engine you can, set the timing and valves then look at your jets you'll be much better off than the other way around. 

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