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FS locally: new, full Flo-Fit interior

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Hey PNW,


I'm putting up my full Flo-Fit interior for sale here first before putting everything in the For Sale section. My hope is to sell locally and not have to deal with shipping.


Selling for $1500 - or best offer!


Everything is in perfect, as new condition - no tears, flat spots, or worn areas. 


This is a set of vintage 80s era NOS Flo-Fit fronts, 02 rail/adapters, and matching rear bench. I bought everything from a FAQ member still in the original factory shipping boxes. The driver's seat comes with the adjustable lumbar support pump. Both front seats have the adjustable knee support. The matching rear cover was for an e21, but I had it adapted to fit the 02 rear bench. All horse hair on the bench was replaced with foam/cloth batting. The upholster said the wrinkles in the rear cover can be smoothed out with a steamer, I just don't have one to do it. 


I've had everything in the car less 6 months. I'm selling because I'm about to go in for a full body and paint restoration (blog to come) and will be going in a different direction with the interior when I get to that point. I'll be pulling this interior in the next couple of weeks, so hit me up now if you want to check stuff out while everything is still in the car. 


For those of you not familiar with the brand, Flo-fits are lower cost alternatives to Recaros. They are wider than the e21 Recaros (which I had before) and IMHO offer better support and are more comfortable. They sit about level to stock seats. I think they're perfect for a hot rod or autoX 02, or someone on the wider side ?.


The sale will also include e21 seat adapters.


Cheers, James














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Your cup holder is brilliant. I’ve seen those for bicycle handlebars but never would’ve thought to use it on the parking brake.


Good luck with sale.

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Greetings Teelinger!


I recently purchased a 1974, stock seats removed, electric seats from newer model are currently in the car.


Nice, but renders the rear area inaccessible.


Interested in your “Fit-Flo” package.


I am in Boise, but have a friend from Seattle headed my way next week, so the hassle of shipping would be taken off the table.


Offer sent via PM.


Thank you,


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