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  1. Thank you jimbojames! Yes, I am lucky, and have a pretty big garage to make a mess of. As for the car, I know what I *WANT* to do, but my skills and pocketbook will likely hold me back a bit. More than anything else, I want it to be a comfortable and reliable daily driver. I do have my work cut out for me though. I am missing: heater/defrost; rear seat; sun visors; rear-view mirrors; knobs to open front vent windows; windshield washer reservoir/pump motor; cabin dome light; and radiator over-flow tank. That is all that I know I need, after about 2 weeks of ownership. I am sure that list will become much longer. I need heat now, so I will likely prioritize that. As for paint, I think that a lot of the prep work has been done, but probably a lot yet left to go. I can not read the original paint code, as that has been over-sprayed. It is a magnificent dark blue though. In time, I will save up for a nice paint job. I am currently of the belief that I will never be able to make this a real "head turner" of a car, but I want to do all that to make it as functional as possible. Again, thank you for the welcome. Brandon
  2. I cannot tell if this this is ready to be painted, or was given the “stressed” look on purpose. The insides (that is there) is not bad, but not what I want. Seats are leather/electric, which is nice, but makes the rear passenger area unacessible. Will sort that out in due time.
  3. Greetings PNW members! My name is Brandon, and I recently purchased a 1975 ‘02. It needs a lot of TLC. The PO was angling for an auto-cross rig, so much of the inside was gutted, and luckily the outside is pretty rough too! I am in it for the long haul, so this car’s future looks brighter than it did a month ago. I graduated high school in Ephrata, WA; went to Eastern; worked for the city of Wenatchee, and now live in Boise. The early BMW has been in my blood for a while. I have owned two Bavaria’s previously, but new to the 2002. Go Hawks. Brandon
  4. Greetings Teelinger! I recently purchased a 1974, stock seats removed, electric seats from newer model are currently in the car. Nice, but renders the rear area inaccessible. Interested in your “Fit-Flo” package. I am in Boise, but have a friend from Seattle headed my way next week, so the hassle of shipping would be taken off the table. Offer sent via PM. Thank you, CCBB
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